Quebec Nation Mourns

Quebec nation mourns legend Jacques Parizeau.
Quebec nation mourns Jacques Parizeau, determined architect and builder of modern Quebec.

Today, the Quebec nation mourns one of its legends perhaps, determined main architect and builder of modern Quebec, Jacques Parizeau who died last night after a long battle with illness.

MONTREAL – Tributes poured in today regarding the passing of ex-Quebec premier Jacques Parizeau with quotes like “a giant has passed away”, “a man of talent who was respected and passionate”, “one of the great builders of the modern Quebec”, “the last of the premiers”, “Quebec is in mourning.

A great statesman has left us”, “Immense pain tonight. The man of my life is gone”, and “My grandfather was an incredible man”. Most including those who knew him however, just like PM Steven Harper, expressed their sympathies to the Parizeau family.

A rich man’s son, he took to dressing like a London City banker and cultivated a British accent having once studied in London at the famed London School of Economics although he also dabbled with extreme socialism briefly as a member of the local Communist Party.

Experimentation and later some serious gambling were not uncommon for Parizeau who although he shared his party’s socialist persuasions was ‘pure laine‘ bourgeois in his lineage. He was very proud of it and even boasted that he was born to the “bourgeoisie international.”

The man loved to use that very quaint British expression “By jove!” when excited like when he felt he had the upper hand.

Jacques used one of those was during the Referendum when his side was on the cusp of winning it. He was very clever and a great strategist however, his main flaw was his tongue lubricated with a bit of expensive wine.

During a diplomatic reception Parizeau bragged about his superior referendum strategy likening it to a lobster trap that invites the local lobsters(unsuspecting Quebec voters) making it very easy to enter but impossible to leave or escape.

Voters were to be tempted by words of some sort of Canadian partnership if they voted yes while in reality there was no such mechanism ready for that. It ensured being stuck with the unknown, dreaded, consequences of separation that Quebecers feared.

The photo shows the respect us local lobsters have for dear Jacques on his passing.