Cross Street Remembered

Cross street remembered may be a bit fuzzy.
Cross street remembered is long term memory a bit fuzzy.

That cross street remembered here is our long-term memory in action however, as the picture shows our recollection is not perfectly vivid instead a bit fuzzy. Our memory stores all our learning based on what we see with our eyes, hear with our ears, smell with our nose, and taste with our tongue. It is basically a record left by our learning process about the world around us that we experience with our God-given senses.

We have basically two distinct types of memory each with its unique subsets. Our short-term memory temporarily records the series of events happening in our lives. Its subset ‘sensory’ memory is very important to it as short-term memory is to the next stage of data retention, our long-term memory. It(long-term memory) has its own two subsets, the first is ‘declarative’ memory which allows you to remember all those things you can describe into language or words. This subset is also be called ‘explicit’ memory and it has a partner subset called ‘non-declarative’ memory or ‘implicit’ memory, it allows automatic remembering action based on our past experiences regardless of time passed.

Behavior modification is a science based on applying experimentally established principles of behavior to problems of behavior. It is a relatively new, evolving field that already has a fast, efficient, and powerful technology for behavior change to reduce undesired behaviors replacing them with desired ones, continuous experiments done for evaluating and improving the various approaches. People learn self-control skills carrying out prescribed different programs on themselves many aspects automated. Basically psychologists attempt to mess with your memories through various methods and there are plenty of them. For example psychologists found that it is fairly easy to plant false memories using certain behavior modification methodology. One study has proven that our memory is so fragile and that aggressive police interrogations can manipulate our reality enough that we can start to believe ourselves criminals when really we are totally innocent.

Our memories help identify us. Meanwhile, certain research to disrupt our memory, most derived from studying early Pavlovian fear conditioning using an electrical shock, is now coupled with a multitude of brand new psychoactive drugs designed to mess with that. One way doing this involves taking advantage of our brain state knowing that memories are more easily modified during our sleep when used in conjunction with these powerful psycho-drugs.

Another powerful, mostly clandestine means to behavior modification that continues to evolve rapidly is using microwave technology. Research is well advanced however, studies show that a side effect in using microwave frequencies similar to those of the cellular phones can cause a lot of health problems although this may be considered just ‘collateral’ damage by the perps. Some of the damage listed below:

Blood cell abnormalities
Cardiovascular System disruption
Cells damage
Central Nervous System issues
Digestive System
Glandular damage
Metabolic issues
Reproductive System cell damage
Vision impairment
Auditory, Hearing, and Perception

Studies using specialized test equipment show that our microwave based phones work at similar frequency producing radiation intensity levels similar to our microwave ovens. In other words using your wonderful ‘smart’ cellphone is slowly cooking you just like your microwave oven would your meal. Further studies have conclusively proven that microwave radiation when weaponized turns people into slobbering, stressed, confused, disoriented, submissive zombies.

Your microwave cellphone uses modulated microwave energy with sufficient intensity to pierce your skull into your brain and it could be used for behavior control. Its ELF(extra low-frequency) is the perfect medium to mess with your psyche and you just don’t want to believe it. Presently, there exists a myriad of microwave frequencies in the MHz range used by FM radio, TV, ‘smart’ meters and your smart cellphones that could be used to kill or disable people.