Batman Sings Country

Batman sings country song for Robin.
Batman sings popular country song playing guitar for Robin.

Tone deaf Batman sings some country, a popular song, and plays his guitar for Robin while the dynamic duo prepare for their daily workout before going out on their nightly anti-crime patrol in Gotham City, today also known by many as New York City.

Although Bruce Wayne is excellent in his role as the famed crime crusader stopping old arch criminals like the Joker, Riddler, Mr. Freeze, Penguin, Kane, or Two-Face, today’s batch of Wall Street criminals are much more ruthless and evil. It takes a multi-talented hero to ferret out these criminals fortunately, Wayne is an American billionaire, a one percenter himself, and with Dick Grayson, his master acrobat sidekick, they are the superhero crime fighters needed. Despite his success in running a business and crime-fighting, singing is not his forte. Then again, perhaps lip-synching coupled with some of his money could make him a ‘star’ heck, as everybody knows it’s all about marketing and connections.

Despite Wayne’s exceptional hearing he is tone-deaf something that he only found out about later when he took up playing a guitar for his friends Grayson and butler, Alfred Pennyworth. It was Pennyworth that broke the bad news to Wayne after enduring several hours of persistent, agonizing, off-tone ‘singing’ from Wayne during a workout at their mancave..ooops, their bat cave gym.

Actually, folks the guy in my picture wearing that Batman tee-shirt is a performer who participated at one of our past annual municipal musical events, and he was pretty good!