Roof Mob


The roof mob arrived early and the distinct sounds of their arrival soon echoed arround the neighborhood, first the heavy
machinery then the incessant scrapping followed by that loud bap..bap..bap..bap,bap reverberating off the wooden deck of the

At first, I just couldn’t make out what that scrapping sound was, muted by my closed window, and then I heard that mechanical machinery noise with its peculiar hum coupled with metal rubbing on metal it was then that it dawned on me that this was not rain pattering on my roof.

After getting up, washing, and dressing I went out to investigate the source of all that industrial noise, as usual when I am
interested about strange goings on I took my trusty digital along. After exiting the house I carefully listened for the source of
the sounds and getting a bearing I headed in that direction. It didn’t take long for me to spot them, a bunch of men busy working on a
roof and their lifting machinery hoisting packets of roofing shingles onto the roof. Some of the bunch were already in the process of
stripping the old shingles and tar paper dumping them to the ground below. Meanwhile, the others continued the process of hoisting the new material onto the roof  yelling instructions and advice to each other about what to do.

While watching all this I proceeded to take my photographs for this post however, as you can see some tree limbs and their leaves did
get in the way militating in their focusing. Another reason contributing to my difficulty was the weather, it began to
rain which soon halted the work on that roof however, they were back the next day and soon so was I to take a few more stills.