Race to Bottom

Race to bottom on autoroute 13 into ravenous maw of death, its tunnel.
Race to bottom is down autoroute 13 into the ravenous maw of death, its tunnel, swallowed up.


The race to bottom is 24/7/365 down autoroute 13 into the ravenous maw of death, its tunnel, and swallowed up.

Everyday drivers speed along autoroute 13 going north to link up with autoroute 640 in Chomedy-Laval into what looks like in my picture, a ravenous maw, its tunnel.

As everybody knows the number thirteen associates with bad luck and autoroute 13 built in 1975 as a toll highway to connect two international aeroports, Mirabel and Dorval, has had its share. Perhaps, the death of Mirabel as an international airport in favor of a reconfigured, expanded, Trudeau International, the renamed Dorval International Aeroport, may be deemed the first victims.

The original plan was for autoroute 13 be widened and extended to the then brand new Mirabel International Aeroport however, they just ran out other people’s(taxpayer’s) money.

Today, the autoroute is a six-lane freeway without any tolls and tragic accidents are common like such as these two: On December 03, 2010 during the early morning at 7:17 AM a man pulled his car off onto the narrow shoulder because it was stalling got killed by a speeding cube van. In the other, a more recent accident on March 24, 2014, a man lost control of his car smashing it into a large cement pillar killing himself in the process. There are plenty more horrific accidents that have happened since autoroute 13 opened however, my research could not extract that data from either Google or Internet Explorer perhaps, the number thirteen has something to do with that hmm?

My Photoshopped image is the autoroute 13 tunnel in flames and black smoke actually, like molten lava, with the lone SUV barreling along doing well over 120 Km, destination at the end ..well you know! (“highway to hell” music appropriate here)