Lilac Moment

Lilac moment signaled summer weather.
My Lilac moment happened last Wednesday those
beautiful flowers made my day.

My lilac moment happened last Wednesday then again, it may have been Tuesday, when I looked out my bedroom window. I had expected the large pink-purple cones for some time now however, cold weather seemed to never let up. Seeing those beautiful flowers just made my day because I knew that signaled summer weather is on its way hallelujah!

Lilacs which appear in early Summer are very popular bushes-trees and their attractive sweet-smelling blooms of colorful flowers although not native to North America have established themselves very well. The Lilacs bloom for a very short time giving out a fragrance some say is a lot stronger than roses and this smell carries further also. They come in a variety of colors although pinkish-purple seems are the main one. Bush-tree size also varies from four feet to thirty apparently, there are over a thousand varieties available globally.