Lake Saint Louis Whitecaps

Lake Saint Louis whitecaps common when wind is blowing.

Lake Saint Louis whitecaps are the result of a blustery overcast day in April 2015.

These Lake Saint Louis whitecaps are the result of a blustery overcast day during the last week in April 2015. I was visiting someone in Dorval and stopped my car near Lakeshore Road to take a number of pictures of this lake, this is one of them.

This lake is actually a large bay for the mighty Saint Lawrence River given its name in 1611 by French explorer Samuel de Champlain because of a tragedy that happened close-by when one of his men called Louys drowned there.

While taking a shortcut back from a scouting-hunting expedition accompanied by two aboriginal Americans, Louys probably lost his life along with one of his companions on what today called the Lachine Rapids. Before modern times when much development and alteration of the landscape happened, the Lachine Rapids that adjoin and are a part of the lake were a very treacherous place to navigate by canoe as Louys and the natives with him experienced, two of them died there.

The lake itself is a dangerous place under adverse weather conditions and whitecaps are common when enough wind is blowing.

When I took this picture it was in color however, as an experiment it is now black and white to add a bit of mood and seriousness.

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