Tiny Forces Of Nature

Tiny forces of nature like these little purple-yellow flowers are everywhere.
Tiny forces of nature are everywhere if we care to look for them.

In response to The Daily Post’s weekly photo challenge: “Forces of Nature.”

Tiny forces of nature are everywhere we look, like this teeny flower is emerging from a crack in mortar. That crack is another example of mother nature’s force showing its power using water and the Winter cold to separate or break man-made mortar.

The little clump of purple-yellow flowers are the result of propagation of plant seeds that float through air currents dropping down helter-skelter sometimes finding fertile ground like what appears the case here.

7 thoughts on “Tiny Forces Of Nature

    1. This teenybopper was a totally unexpected yet wonderful to behold. Thank you for your nice comment.

      1. You see, these are the little things that I look for how powerful truly life can be and you have captured it.

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