Wiseguy Fingered

Wiseguy fingered taking unnecessary risks.
This wiseguy fingered because he took too many unnecessary risks

This wiseguy got fingered because he took too many unnecessary risks. Louis took too many chances even after some of the old crew told him be careful, that he was taking too many unnecessary risks.

The pressure was on and the gang knew the Feds may try all sort of entrapment perhaps arrange a sting operation to nail someone unfortunately it was Louis as this photo shows.

Hey, when you’re in business you take risks and sometimes you lose therefore, it’s imperative that you do your homework carefully to cut your exposure. This guy took too many unnecessary risks perhaps because he had a bit of luck initially never getting caught however, eventually his luck ran out and he got fingered.

This story you have read is true, taken from the files of the Los Angeles Police Department only the names changed and disguise used to protect the innocent. My name is sargent-detective..

All right..actually, this is all just a made up story and our ‘wise guy’ is just some Photoshop making it seem what it is not. I took this photo years ago at some public event capturing this finger-pointing, dusted it off recently and used my creativity for this post.