Carbon Free Tax Drive

Carbon tax free drive on Saint Catherine street on three-people powered bicycle.
Carbon tax free drive on Saint Catherine street in Montreal on three people powered bicycle.

This carbon tax free drive along Saint Catherine street in downtown Montreal on a bicycle powered by three people. Each on comfortable custom seats of their custom-built bicycle each pedaling away. Although the two tyres seem a bit low on air, it may be that the weight of three adults might have something to do with it.

Our crew dressed well for the occasion, two are in checkered wool suits, caps (one a Davey Crockett type racoon hat), black leather gloves and dress shoes while the other a man dressed as woman has a ‘matron’ type hat, a ‘muffler’ protecting the face, a white wool shawl, a long apron over a checkered wool suit, brown leather or wool gloves, and tan-colored boots. This person is also holding what appears a small horn equipped with a black rubber bulb and on ‘her’ lap is a serviette-type round apron.

Meanwhile, our man in the middle seat holds an umbrella perhaps, as protection from either the harsh sun or possible rain heck, both can happen and it is good being ready.

Human power seems the preferred mode of transportation for you and me, the average, ordinary, citizen who is supposed to ‘save’ those poor drowning polar bears up in the Arctic because allegedly, according to ‘environmentalists’, our ice cap is melting. We will all drown soon heck, the world as we have known it will cease to exist.

Given advise is to listen to your master..oops, your politicians, the “gubmint”, and the ‘environmentalists’ because they would not steer you wrong!

Pss..don’t forget to empty your wallet when asked, remember folks you are doing this for those poor polar bears, who are counting on your ‘generous donations’ to buy that extra ice for the Arctic! (wink, wink, nudge, nudge)