Phantasmal Red Insurrectionists

Deceit convinces the young to become phantasmal red insurrectionists.
Deceit convinces the young to become phantasmal red insurrectionists bent on turning world into Marxist utopia

Good old deceit convinces the young to become phantasmal red insurrectionists bent on changing the world into their imagined socialist, Marxist utopia.

Ideological programming they receive through the school systems they attend warps their perception of the capitalist system they live in. Young people have vulnerable minds that certain educators reconfigure by continued ideological conditioning. An example of a similar type of ‘brainwashing‘ going on today is the steady stream of Islamic Jihad recruits for ISIS leaving Western countries for Syria that we hear about.

The Marxists argue that the capitalist education system being rigged and used effectively to help the ruling class to prove their power over the working class. They claim it conceals the true source of that power and disguises the exploitation of the poor worker.

They say that the major role of capitalist education system entails ensured reproduction of a cheap, docile, hard-working, obedient, and subservient workforce too unorganized and afraid to challenge authority.

It began slowly, immediately following WW2 after that other socialist ideology,  the Nazi, was destroyed and the world began the process of getting its house in order. Children of the war displaced, the immigrants, and also the Western countries native population accepting them were the primary targets.

The West’s school systems were already infiltrated by Marxists controlled by Moscow, knew these children are the future and influenced easy. The ideology was nothing new to West because the Marxists were already preaching their ‘gospel’ long before the war to the working class, the abused, overworked, underpaid working class of the capitalist system. These same ‘apostles’ also infiltrated the ‘word’ into other levels of society such as labor unions, education, government agencies, Hollywood, political parties, and even the highest levels of the state.

On April 14, 2015, US president Obama announced his lifting the US sanctions against Cuba including removing it from the famed ‘terror country list‘ however, under the US Constitution only Congress has the power to allow it.

Republican Senator Marco Rubio, a 2016 Cuban-American presidential candidate, condemned the decision, saying Cuba remains a state sponsor of terrorism. He explained that the Castro regime continues to harbor fugitives of American justice and helping rogue states like North Korea evade United Nations’ weapons sanctions.

“The revolution says: I was, I am, I will be again!” – RAF(Red Army Faction). This line was the last communiqué issued by the terrorist organization heavily dismantled by German and Interpol police. This terror organization remains dormant for now however, a smoldering ember remains despite the demise of the Soviet Union because Vladimir Putin’s regime, its successor, exists predicating a new cold war.

The German RAF(Red Army Faction) saw themselves fighting the West German capitalist establishment whom they considered successors of Third Reich. The Italian BR(Red Brigades) terrorist acts were to “guide the working class” against Italy’s capitalist system considered successor to Mussolini’s Fascist regime cooperating with US interests.

Fidel Castro’s 26th of July “Movement”, the granddaddy communist activist entity, fought to oust the corruption and tyranny of a one time former communist morphed into ruthless dictator, Fulgencio Batista, who profited through his links to organized crime (Mafia) and big American corporations