Monday 13 Cat

Feared Monday 13 cat is back.
Feared Monday 13 cat is back after six years.

Feared, popular, Monday 13 cat is back together after six years. Today is April 13, 2015, the 103rd day of the year with only 262 days remaining according to our Gregorian calendar. The last time Monday 13 happened was back in 2009, an Easter Monday in our Gregorian calendar today it is in the Julian calendar, interesting or is it hmm? (Twilight Zone music here)

My two previous blogs discussed the origins of some people’s fear of Friday 13, and also the fear black cats like this one depicted in our picture manifest. Perhaps, the phenomenon can be related to Edgar Allen Poe’s “The Black Cat”, or later, to a sensation created back in 1934 when Hollywood’s Universal Pictures released “The Black Cat” horror film starred by two famous classical actors of the genre, Bela Lugosi and Boris Karloff.

Humans have all sorts of fears related to the unknown, unexplained, beyond their own control, and fear of cats can bring on undue anxiety, sweating, rapid heart beat enough to almost paralyze some. This abnormal fear of the felines called “ailurophobia,” derived from the Greek for cat “ailouros”and fear “phobos”, can be treated with a bit of psychological therapy given by a certified psychologist or psychiatrist.

Are you one of the ‘afraid’?

Fear not folks because our cat (in the picture) is not the ‘evil’ black cat instead, a sweet, gentle, ginger colored tabby photoshopped however, if you are still frightened, then perhaps some psychological therapy may help.