Main Old Facade

 This Montreal 'Main' old facade is from grey stone era.
This Montreal ‘Main’ old facade is from an era when grey stones structures ruled.

This Montreal ‘Main’ old facade is from an era when this downtown area had by many similar grey stone structures.

This particular building still houses the National Theatre School of Canada and located on Saint Lawrence boulevard nicknamed the “Main”. The nickname was given it because it was and still is a very heavily used famous main street in Montreal.

The “Main” along with rue Saint Catherine were the two principal shopping areas although later rue Saint-Denis and rue Saint Hubert also contributed to the local commerce scene. The later two streets located in the Montreal East end was where the majority Francophone population would do their shopping.

My grey stone is one of the last few remaining old timers in this area because this part of town is rapidly being transmogrified into modern high-tech office space and cultural centers. I took this picture in February when I also made photographs for my Montreal en Lumiere blog post.