Austerity Capitalism Weave

'Austerity capitalism weave' joins collection of Montreal 'arteesta' works.
‘Austerity capitalism weave’ joins collection of Montreal ‘arteesta’ works adoring walls.

New graffiti, the ‘austerity capitalism weave’, joins my collection of ‘arteesta’ works adoring walls in Montreal.

Actually folks this is something I created using some real ideological graffiti spotted in the east end of the city. I took the
liberty transmogrifying this ‘art’ that somebody aerosol can stenciled on the formerly nice clean brick, mortar, and cement
wall. The original picture looked a bit too ordinary and boring so I fiddled with my photo editing and got this nice weave image.

The last several years have been tumultuous in Montreal which has experienced scores of demonstrations on the streets, most ideologically driven. Some have turned into riots and the city has had much property damage done. Although there always was some graffiti, it only reached its peak within the last two perhaps three decades most likely imported from the USA where it has plagued cities a lot longer. This particular wall work is related to the Quebec government’s hated austerity program now in swing.