Easter Chocolate Graffiti

Easter chocolate special graffiti near Frontenac subway station.
Wall showing Easter chocolate special graffiti near Frontenac subway station.

This wall showing an Easter chocolate special graffiti caught my eyes the moment I exited Montreal’s Frontenac metro (subway) station.

I had taken the public transit system to get to this neighborhood in the east end of Montreal to attend Good Friday services at a local church. The moment I exited through the swing door of the metro one of the first things I noticed was a giant white bunny with a bushy tail, pink nose, and big floppy ears. This particular ‘bunny’ wore an “Eat at Joe’s Restaurant” type of billboard announcing a chocolate two for one price sale at a local chocolate store nearby.

Although I tried to get a picture of this guy, I failed because other people got in the way. My picture showed two people obscuring my bunny during split-seconds that the digital camera takes to process the image.

I continued up Frontenac street and soon came across this wall with the graffiti and also the shop that employed the ‘Easter bunny’. I momentarily peeked into the open door of the shop and I saw a small line of customers buying that chocolate obviously having that bunny was profitable.