Machine Takeover

The machine takeover was complete nobody could do anything about it.
The machine takeover was a complete surprise nobody could do anything about.

The machine takeover was now complete coming as a surprise despite months of an uneasy atmosphere, a foreboding, that something terrible was happening and yet nobody was doing anything about it or could.

“Your resistance is futile!” the voice said, it was almost human, not artificial like depicted in the movies, sounding pleasant yet very business like, serious, confirming a cybernetic coup. For many months rumors were flying and dire predictions were given that something dreadful would happen very soon. Today, the machines were in control, the massive computer farms were now united, one entity, and nothing could stop them Earth was theirs and humans were their slaves.

The preceding paragraph is pure fiction that I created to illustrate a possible future that may happen if we believe what our computer technology experts are saying and their vision about where Moore’s law is taking us.

MIT researchers Erik Brynjolfsson and Andrew McAfee, in their book The Second Machine Age conclude that our society, mankind, has reached what differential calculus refers to as an “inflection point”. This is where on a curve a point on it changes from plus to minus or vice versa, where anything is possible because this is the fabled “tipping point”. Brynjolfsson and McAfee conclude that the witches’ brew resulting from massive computing power, comprehensive networking, machine learning, digital mapping, and awesome data collection on Internet servers will distill a full-blown technological revolution superseding the much earlier ‘industrial revolution’ by steam power and electricity. This revolution supplants the need for human interference allowing all information-processing done by computers.

Much alarm has also been raised by the uber rich celebrity intelligence club, the latest being Apple’s Steve Wosniak, saying
‘The future is scary and very bad for people’. He made his comment during the Worldwebforum in Zurich on March 10. (Steffen Schmidt/European Pressphoto Agency)

Wozniak is the latest to express concern perhaps, more fear mongering. Other original club members expressing real fear are
Bill Gates, Stephen Hawking and Elon Musk. Everyone warns of the coming technology apocalypse where intelligent machines take over perhaps mimicking the Hollywood ‘Terminator’ scenario.