Springtime Conjure

Springtime arrival conjures hope of a warm sunny Summer.
Springtime has finally arrived permitting our minds to conjure up hope for the better.

Springtime has finally arrived after an extremely cold Winter permitting our minds to conjure up hope for a warm, sunny Summer full of fun and excitement. After all that Winter we expect nothing more.

As I look outside, it is a sunny day however, it’s still minus three Celsius and with that breeze blowing it feels like minus six. That nice sun will not last because according to the weatherman we will have more..now wait for it, more snow later today.

This time of the year brings all sorts of interesting things, and my brief walk in our municipal park allowed me to get this image of some strange-looking big holes. These big holes suddenly appeared today in that artificial, man-made lake for some reason.

As you well know, our minds can create all sorts of reasons for these holes anything from visiting Martian spacecraft melting the ice as they parted for home to perhaps, the ice spontaneously melting only at those three spots because of some sort of refraction and heating by the sun’s rays caused by sediment at bottom of the lake. Reality however, explains these holes as outlets for water collected in the municipal drainage system being pumped out to surface to aerate the waste water.