Webster's defines 'wall' as a material layer enclosing space.
Webster’s defines ‘wall’ as a high thick masonry structure forming an enclosure.

In response to The Daily Post’s weekly photo challenge: “Wall.”

Webster’s defines ‘wall‘ as a high thick masonry structure forming a long rampart or an enclosure chiefly for defense, masonry fence around a garden, park, or an estate. It may also be one of the sides of a room or building connecting floor and ceiling or foundation and roof. More, it could be a material layer enclosing space, or an extreme or desperate situation or state of defeat, failure or ruin as used in the phrase ‘to the wall’.

There are a lot of descriptions of just what ‘W-A-L-L’ may be or mean and the ones I wrote above are just a few. Although I could have a real blast exploring each of these possibilities instead, I picked the typical or masonry definition. This is my ‘wall’ picture, it a graffiti mural on a concrete and brick structure depicting a young black or African descent musician playing his harmonica.

He is wearing a pimp-like brown fedora sporting a wide white band. The background around his back appears a jumble of fancy lettering. Some are light green others a darker green still others a yellowish-green in front of some ‘Mediterranean’ light blue ones. Out in front, or on top, of the green and the blue there are some fancier, almost tan-brown letters highlighted with a light tan color. These most likely are the “tag” signature of the ‘arteesta‘ or graffiti creator-master.

I found this ‘art’ wall during my stroll while taking pictures for my earlier “Montreal en Lumiere Festival” blog post, about two weeks ago.

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  1. This one I liked also when I accidently almost bumped into it..well not really however, it was situated in a good place so I made a picture. Thank you for your confidence in my selection!

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