Montreal en Lumiere Festival

This week, while doing some business downtown, I discovered that the “Montreal en Lumiere” Winter Festival was on in fact it was nearing its end this weekend.

Lucky for me, I had my trusty digital and quickly went about capturing as much as I could of the site and goings on which are now in my short video.

Although the day was sunny, it was bitterly cold affecting both my fingers and camera capabilities.

Several times I had to warm both myself and the camera nearby at the Place Desjardins Complexe (those brown towers pictured) because it started to act up, and I also changed by batteries ensuring more picture-taking.

Unfortunately everything was happening after five PM and I could not get any pictures because I had to leave the site well before that.

My video is a combination showing the site and other appropriate images reflecting the Winter season we are still in.

Music is a shortened version of something I found at called “Frosty Morning” by Tom Joad, hope you like it!