Beezness Scents

Every bee knows it takes beezness scents to find the right flowers for nectar and pollen.

Everyday bees fly around collecting nectar and pollen from flowers. They then deliver honey to their hive after eating the pollen as food for themselves and processing the nectar into honey.

Bees are very industrious in providing for and building their nest or hive going out each day of their short lives to take care of their collective and their queen.

According to Wikipedia, there are about 20,000 known species in seven to nine recognized families. They are found all over the globe with exception of Antarctica.

You may wonder why not there perhaps, it’s because bees still haven’t been issued their thermal underwear, which is on back order.

These little guys have been so busy doing beezness they never have time for fitting out with their cold weather kit.

I took this video a couple of Summers ago and just recently decided to edit it adding suited music which was found at the archive .org website. The tune is an old one by Jabbo Smiths Rhythm Aces called Jazz Battle, hope you like it.