Eye On Goal

Eye On Goal

around net

faceoff action

quick goalie

playing the puck

zooming on goal
Last week I viewed young players each with their eye on the goal playing junior hockey in our municipal arena. Although there were few spectators, those that were there enjoyed some fast action between the two teams as they battled it out. When I arrived the game was in the second period and one team led 2 to 1, as you can see in my photos the game was robust. The team in the white jerseys appeared the more aggressive and their offense really put on a show as they managed to retain the puck more than their opponents. There were a lot of end to end races towards the goal however the ‘Boston Bruins’ jerseyed team managed to stem the tide pretty well.

I seldom take in these games and therefore, don’t do much sports photography however, I managed to take these pictures of the event with my new digital camera which I am still learning to use hope you like them.