Saint Valentine’s Day

Saint Valentine's Day means commerce profits from candy, greeting cards, flowers etc.
Saint Valentine’s Day means giving candy, red greeting cards, bouquets of flowers.

Saint Valentine’s Day is all about giving candy, red greeting cards, bouquets of flowers, and saying “Happy Saint Valentine’s Day!” That is what commerce makes it, after all, it’s all about profits made. Most of us don’t have a clue what Saint Valentine is really all about because he compares with Santa Claus and gifts in our collective psyche. Programmed we rush around and shopping for Valentine gifts. The truth is much more different, more significant.

Roman Emperor Claudius II, known as Claudius Gothicus, ordered Saint Valentine, a Roman Catholic priest, beaten to death with clubs and stones then beheaded. Everyone loved Valentine, all who he met and befriended including Claudius II however, when ordered to deny Christ he didn’t ending condemned. While imprisoned Valentine helped perform a miracle restoring eyesight to his judge-jailer’s blind daughter. Prior to his execution he wrote a note to her signed “from your Valentine” delivered to her when he died.

What Saint Valentine means to those who believe in Christ, is our life is not all sweetness and joy, sometimes a time happens when we may have to make the ultimate sacrifice for our belief, our faith. Fortunately, with the power of the Holy Spirit, as Jesus Christ proved over 2000 years ago, we can do it, stare death in the face willingly.