Scale of Entertainment

The scale of entertainment for my municipality was just perfect for July 1, 2014, Canada Day, and everyone had a wonderful time.

The entertainers depicted in my video were a brother and sister act supported by their professional band. The whole troupe performed twice, once during the day and later as the finishing act for the 2014 Canada celebrations just before the fireworks. During the interim of several hours, we had a number of acts I forget how many, and these groups of performers also put up a very lively time for everybody.

The show was already in progress playing when I arrived at the site around 3PM. The woman, who resided in Chicago, joined her brother, the group’s lead singer, for their act. Her lovely voice transformed their show into a real class act much appreciated by a very motivated and excited audience.

Their music composed of a combination of popular pop, rock and roll, and hip hop songs, had lot of energy. Group members were pure electricity and in particular, the drummer, who was just a blur at times playing his drums. The night ended with a barrage of bursting
rockets lighting up the dark sky continuously with all sorts of vivid colors and grayish-white vapor streams from the descending spent explosives. This lasted for about 45 minutes and elicited great delight from all watchers.

My short video composed mostly of pictures I took that day complimented by a trimmed version song called “Summer of Love” by artist Cascanda. I found this song at the website and think that it meshes well with my visuals, hope you enjoy the show!