Nite Surprise

Meeting that nite was complete surprise.
Meeting this large fella that nite in the parking lot was a complete surprise.

One nite, last fall, meeting this large fella in the parking lot was a complete surprise. He wasn’t very happy to meet me nor did he very much want to talk, so I left in a hurry leaving him alone to make up his mind about where he wanted to shop. I did however, take his picture although he seemed a nervous type and got his hands up probably because he hated any publicity.

After buying my car oil and filter at the Canadian Tire store, I returned outside to find my car however, the big guy was nowhere in sight and then it occurred to me where I last saw that familiar face before. He was that monster Frankie..Frankenstein, which then reminded me of something the late, great American comedian, W. C. Fields once said:”It ain’t what they call you, it’s what you answer to!”