Weekly Photo Challenge: Gone But Not Forgotten

"Gone but not forgotten" immediately brought back memories about Boink.
“Gone but not forgotten” immediately brought back memories about my past canine friends in particular, Boink.

This challenge about what is “gone but not forgotten” immediately brought back memories about my canine friends in particular, the last two. Both these lads were wonderful companions whom I enjoyed having around and who gave me much joy and some mild grief because of their antics. Reminiscing, I would like to talk about my most recent late canine friend, the Boink, as our family called him. We got him from our local SPCA, where my late mother and I went shortly after our loss of our other friend Boris to cancer. This little fella had left a big void in our lives leaving us saddened in not having him around anymore.

I remember that visit to SPCA and seeing all those poor, unfortunate, animals waiting for someone, anyone, who would adopt and save them from being euthanized. Shortly after arriving we talked to a member of the staff, who took us on a small tour to see the animals there.

It was during that time we first saw the Boink, unaware we would name him Boink. He was a restless little fellow constantly whimpering, probably one of the most vocal of all the animals that we saw, a marketing genius in getting attention. When we first saw him we didn’t really pay much attention to him because frankly, we still didn’t know what sort of dog we were going to get. During the tour we heard a lot of barking, moaning, and whimpering from most of the inmates although there were a few that remained quiet.

There were small dogs, big ones, and medium size ones most restless, some pacing their limited spaces. We saw Huskies, Great Danes, German Shepherds, French Poodles, Cocker Spaniels, Dachshunds, Terriers and a few other well-known breeds, and there were also a few “Heinz 57” or mixed breed animals. Nearby, were the various felines begging for our attention scratching their cages, meowing away heck, at one point we almost decided to pick a cute little black and white cat. Fortunately, reason kicked in and straightened us out that we were there to find a dog.

Working our way back to the canine section, we again heard that familiar whimpering and it was at this point that my mother indicated to me that she wanted the Boink. Returning to the SPCA office, I told a staffer that we had decided on that little brown colored fella with the short legs, long nose, floppy ears, and those mournful eyes, who was whimpering so much. Our staffer told us that he was a Dachshund, his name was Tournesol, and he was about one and half years old. She also told us that to adopt him, it required that he be fixed and vaccinated, something that would be added to the cost of adoption. I said OK agreeing to come back in a few days later to pick up my new buddy. Thinking back I’m glad I did. We had our little friend for over seventeen years before we had to put him to sleep because of his severe health problems.

I took this picture of the Boink when we were out in the country shortly after we got him. Travelling was something he really enjoyed, always anticipating tripping to our country place in the Eastern Townships. He seemed to know when it was the weekend and patiently waited near my bedroom door listening if I was up. Yes, I miss that little fellow even though it is over a decade that I last saw him alive.