Monster Storm Easy Fix

Monster storm no easy fix say National Weather Service.
Government authorities and weather experts say there is no easy fix to monster storm.

Government authorities and weather experts say there is no easy fix to it cautioning Northeast residents not to lulled by appearances and relatively smooth Monday morning commute. Meteorologists working for the National Weather Service forecast that the nor’easter will bring a mix of powerful winds, heavy snow, and sleet turning into freezing rain which promises to hamper road travel. The mixture will ensure slick road surfaces and reduced visibility which will add more grief for drivers. There will also be tornadoes spawned in some southern areas as well as widespread coastal flooding starting Monday and through Tuesday.

As the snowstorm rolls forth into the region these high winds coupled with the dangerous icy conditions have caused airlines to cancel thousands of flights into and out of the East coast airports. If you intend to do any air travel it is wise to call ahead to know how the storm is affecting your flight.

The National Weather Service has confirmed that nearly half of the continental US is affected by this monster storm meaning as many as 60 million people. Further, the weather bureau predicts snowfall accumulations in the order of 45 to 60 cm in New York City, 61 to 91 cm in Boston, Massachusetts, Philadelphia will get between 25 to 36 cm while in other major urban centers affected accumulation will vary between 45 to 91 cm or 3 feet.

Folks, this promises to be a real fun ride for awhile and you do have to be careful when venturing out driving or on foot. Keep warm and
bundle up, have plenty of essentials on hand, and make sure you have good communications in case of emergency.

Tomorrow or the day after that, this will be just another weather nightmare survived and all was right in the world!