Serendipity Perched

Express Yourself

Serendipity is squirrel perched on power pole.
Serendipity is a grey squirrel perched on power pole.

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Express Yourself.”

My backyard allows serendipity to happen, this little guy perched up a power pole, is part of the local entertainment troop during the warm months of Summer. Most other days, there are a total of three squirrels doing high wire trapeze acts on the power lines running along the far end of my backyard.
Having my trusty digital helped when this “fortunate happenstance” occurred that sunny afternoon in August. Serendipity defined or means a “fortunate happenstance” or “pleasant surprise”, I believe my picture qualifies.

Regarding “expressing self”, I seldom suffer from a lack of ways, whether verbally or through a medium such as photography. Although my mind stalls momentarily at times, this happens when I am really tired or stressed because life does get in the way. I however, am very impressed with how quickly my brain gets into gear when the need arises. If a problem requires a solution, I take care of the matter “el quicko” moreover, the result is more than satisfactory.

Taking this picture that day solves today’s WordPress challenge because after all, luck happens when you recognize it.