Rock Solid Personality

Rock solid personality adhers to Parliament.
Ottawa’s rock solid personalities adhere to Parliament.

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Leftovers Sandwich.”

When I last visited Canada’s Parliament buildings, I discovered this “rock solid personality” in fact, I discovered many more adhering to them. This sculpted minature head adorned one of the many corners projecting from the main structure of Parliament and few people even realize they there I know because I never noticed them before.

Although I don’t frequent Ottawa or Parliament I don’t recall ever paying much attention to the minute details that adorn the main building on the Hill this time I did. It appears to be a man’s head with a beard and mustache sporting some sort of visored hat and presently I have no idea whom it represents.

This post, the “leftovers sandwich”, allows me to again share some of the treasure that is Canada’s Parliament and also Ottawa our capital a really great place to visit anytime.