Absolute Brain

Absolute Brain petting Dr. Evil's special cat.
Absolute Brain, Dr. Evil’s new clone petting that special cat.

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Brain Power.”

After the brain unlocking process, Absolute Brain, would prepare his plan for world conquest.

Careful analysis will be key to accomplishing this goal and every minute detail will be considered and recorded onto special encrypted devices for timely revision in the future. For any plan to succeed,  proper financing is a must therefore, all proper steps will be taken. Once financing is achieved, strategy involves procuring certain strategic materials that my analysis shows will be in great demand soon. Possession of these will help me control the global market. To thwart any percieved or real threat to my evil goal for world power, my well-paid mercenary army and extensive spy network will ensure my goals are achieved. My security entails use of the best equipment and services available that my money could buy. The rest of my strategy is classified..BUAHAHAHA!

By-the-way folks, please relax because my plan for world conquest is all fantasy, just my imagination running wild for fun. Something else that is fantasy or just pure bunk, is that we only use 10% of our brain power. According to experts that have studied it all, it is an “urban legend” created by certain well known and connected early 20th century professors who liked the 10% figure.

As we all know, the big lie when repeated enough times becomes the absolute gospel truth. In reality, we actually use most of our brain almost all the time during our lives moreover, our brain has limitations. We, well at least most of us, are not endowed with psychic powers, psychokenesis, or even extra-sensory abilities, these powers have not been proven yet by reputable authorities employing unavailable special testing.