A Moment In Time Captured

Tree trimmer in a moment in time.
Tree trimmer captured in a moment in time.

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “A Moment in Time.”

A moment in time captured because instinct provided the opportunity for it to happen.

The temperature was -27C last Friday and it was an intensely bright sunny afternoon with the sound of chainsaws was hanging in the bitter cold air. I had taken a well deserved break from the documentation project I was working on by taking a walk outside with my digital camera.

After about ten minutes walking I saw it, that large truck with a trailer mounting a wood chipper so I knew that they must be nearby. Suddenly, my eyes caught a movement and looking up towards the nearby tree skyline I saw two tree trimmers working.

Both men wore orange safety helmuts and were dressed in warm, bright orange overalls with neon yellow stripes forming an x on their backs. They were up on trees attached with their safety harnesses, and then I spotted the one I wanted to film. I zoomed in on him while he was busy working with his chainsaw with one hand while his other hand was firmly holding two power wires.

“Look ma..one hand!”, he seemed to be saying. It truly amazes me that doing what he was doing he was not electrocuted then again, what do I know about electric power lines and doing one-hand tree trimming!

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    1. Certainly, unless your prepared for it and it is your well-paid job. My instinct to bring my camera paid off!

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