Weekly Photo Challenge: Shadow

Shadows surround the down   stairway below Wellington-Rideau Street at the Rideau Canal.
Interesting shadows surround the down stairway leading to the Rideau Canal below Wellington-
Rideau Street.

The down stairway to the famous Rideau Canal in Ottawa has these interesting shadows lurking in the tunnel just below Wellington-Rideau Street. This tunnel underneath Wellington-Rideau Street is situated directly across the street from the famous Fairmont Chateau Laurier Hotel and near the National War Memorial of Canada.

I finally discovered this down staircase entrance when I observed a young couple going down those steps when I left the hotel. I was attending a special news conference earlier and now had some spare time to explore Ottawa so I took a walk down that stairway. Walking down those steps I felt I was taking a trip on a time machine, I just discovered a new world.

It was fascinated to see some of the old-style machinery used to operate the ancient canal locks, each lock was lower than the previous one. This setup continues until the Ottawa river is reached, it is a sort of mini Suez Canal. I took more pictures as I walked along the waterway mindful of my limited opportunity because my luxury coach bus that brought me to Ottawa was waiting to leave soon.