Weekly Photo Challenge: Descent

Descent  defined as "attack on my grilled cheese toasted  homemade bread"

Webster’s dictionary’s different meanings of descent, mine is attack the grilled cheese toast.

“Descent” has a lot of meaning although the more common understanding as found in the Webster’s Dictionary is: “a derivation from an ancestor..BIRTH, LINEAGE”..transmission or devolution of an estate by inheritance usu. in the descending line..”

Webster’s dictionary has many different meanings, I concluded with meaning number 5: “ATTACK” on my grilled cheese toasted homemade bread was the right one for me. Then again, this is what happens when you’re hungry which I happened to be and also, it was a quick fix. As you can see I had already begun eating it(it was soo good with that aged KRAFT Cheddar..mmm) before I realized that a photo was needed heh, heh!

2 responses

  1. For some reason at silly oclock in the morning that cheese on toast looks absolutely delicious!

    1. It was deeelicious however, at least we can all still enjoy what it looked like before I devoured it!

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