Weekly Photo Challenge: Adventure

Adventure bus interior view.
Adventure on a luxury coach bus to Ottawa.

My adventure began on a cool overcast Wednesday morning when our luxury coach bus arrived to pick a bunch of us up at a local large shopping center parking lot..

We had prepared for the event for some time now and today, July 9, 2014, we were going to Ottawa for a “news conference” in which we would be the live audience. After “testing” its new equipment on select areas of the province the local power company with provincial government approval forced the technology in its public.

Of course this was for the “benefit” of Quebecers and would allegedly save a lot of money for the government and its utility, this was the promise made and yet there were still sceptics who just wouldn’t believe the story.

Conflicting reports disseminated by both the power utility and the government and the opposition and rumors became truths. The government/utility boasted how wonderfully safe the new “smart” technology was and how it would make life so much easier for customers. They promised lower rates because of less waste compared to the old analog technology. Meanwhile, the “resistance” showed that RF(radio frequency) radiation exposure accumulates in humans and is hazardous, that there have been many unexplained meltdowns and resulting home fires that the insurance industry doesn’t want to cover. Also, that rates had more than doubled after they installed new meters.

As expected the government and the wireless industry denied all while the power utility kept on replacing thousands more analog meters.

The big room was abuzz with hundreds of excited people and representatives of the Canadian news media all anxious to hear from experts in the field and many witnesses affected by the “new” technology. We didn’t wait long for our experts to summate their findings showing that “Safety Code 6” is obsolete and that based on new international research needs amending/updating by the Canadian government. The summary and video taken at this conference were sent to Canada’s Health Minister regarding her pending decision on Safety Code 6 this Fall.

I had about 2 hours after the conference to play tourist in Ottawa near Parliament to do some photos and it was during this time that I took this photo inside our waiting bus shortly before we left Ottawa. I think it captures that “adventure” feeling well, what say you?