New Dawn

sleeping cat precludes awaking to new dawn
new dawn

My new dawn arrived early in the week when I awoke suddenly because my cat was meowing loudly, his signal to me to let him out the door…

After working on my set of photos for 5 hours when I realized that it was already 1 AM Tuesday so I quickly concluded the edit and saved everything. I was ready for sleep and after closing down the computer headed upstairs only to find that Anne, my better half, was still reading that novel in our livingroom.

Earlier she was reading it and now she was still at it, must be a very interesting novel I thought to myself. I advised her that perhaps it was time that we both retired for the night as it was already quite late  and suggested that we both should get some badly needed shuteye. Anne immediately agreed and we both headed to our bedroom to discover that our Moosh was still asleep enjoying the comfort of our bed.

He is an old timer and loves to do this anytime we are away however, he quickly vacates whne we come to reclaim our bed. Each day Anne prepares our bed by covering it with a special cover on which Moosh luxuriates himself napping. Tonight, we were late for sleep and then I found that I just couldn’t sleep for some reason. I struggled for a long time trying in fact, I don’t remember when I finally nodded off.  For a very long time my mind was busy going over events of the previous day and all sorts of other things, I just could not sleep!

The Moosh had been meowing now for a few minutes before I suddenly awoke and quickly got out of my comfortable surroundings. I headed out of our bedroom after finding and donning my slippers. I had just opened the kitchen door allowing the Moosh to escape outdoors when I noticed it was 2:45 AM on the clock. Wow, Thought to myself what’s happening here?

Normally, the cat wakes me at about 5 AM by his repeated meows, which start off with a barely discernable low meow which he continues to repeat at prescribed intervals and then finally raises the volume progressively reaching the right tone. The Moosh is quite a nice cat because he comes to our bedroom door opening and waits for us to allow him into the bedroom.
I think this is remarkable because few cats are known to do this this way, perhaps none.