Weekly Photo Challenge: Fray

Fray at ends of dead weeds

Fraying ends of some sort of tall weeds surrounding a snail desperately hanging on one of their stalks creates this interesting scene.

I was returning home from a nice walk through our town’s park when I spotted this light green colored snail hanging for its dear life as gusts of wind of an approaching storm blew through the tall grasses at the fringe of a large soccer field ajoining a steep manmade hill.

It had started as an overcast day with light gray clouds which progessively morphed into menacing dark rainclouds moving in quickly pushed by gusty winds. The temperature was starting to go south so I decided that I better head home soon before the deluge. I had just rounded the corner of the hill when I spotted the first of the snails and took this picture. After this little guy, I spotted more snails along with a lonely honeybee also hanging on to a bit of the dead grasses. Capturing their images I quickly departed for my home as the rain began.