Weekly Photo Challenge: Relic

Rideau Canal a real relic
A real relic of Canada’s history, the Rideau Canal in Ottawa

Ottawa is full of relics of Canada’s historical past and one, the Rideau Canal, took a very important part in this country’s development.

Recently, after attending a conference at the Chateau Laurier Hotel just a stone’s throw from Canada’s Parliament complex, I discovered a part of the Rideau Canal system. I had just left the hotel and crossed the boulevard, when I found a staircase leading down to the Canal, it has been there for a very long time yet I never knew it was there during my previous trips to Ottawa.

After walking down the stairs I found a wonderful sight, a waterway populated by strolling visitors and Ottawa citizens along its banks. Seen also were numerous big pleasure boats moored as well as some seagulls, and the various ducks, puddling along in the water or sleeping on some wooden planks near the water. I was very interested to see the old locks and its machinery, the old technology that was used to operate the system some of which you can see in my photograph. The weather that day was partially overcast with numerous sunny breaks allowing me to take many great photos.