Weekly Photo Challenge: Between

Cellphone user between me and my subject.

Coming between you and what you want

Someone just got in between me and my camera and what I was about to capture digitally, and he was totally oblivious about it because he was having his wonderful conversation on his cellphone.

I had just arrived on Crescent street during this year’s Grand Prix celebrations when I saw this busker playing his musical instrument. I wanted to capture his image on my camera so I pressed my shutter button however, almost immediately this cellphone user “automation” just casually gets into my picture.

Doesn’t it irritate you when people just walk right into your picture without even considering what you are attempting to do? This guy was a total automation connected the nearest microwave communication tower providing him his “hit” to feed his habit. He cared little for anything except that conversation he was having on his cellphone with his girlfriend, wife, boyfriend or drinking buddy, he is one of the modern, connected, beautiful people and the cellphone industry loves him.

I did want that picture of that busker so after waiting a bit I snapped that second picture quickly avoiding another in between scene..Enjoy!