Weekly Photo Challenge: Extra, Extra

Extra, extra little bird on old chair
Extra, extra is a sparrow perched on restaurant’s weather beaten wooden chair.

Our search for that extra, extra, special, unique item began a while ago, about 2 weeks ago although it wasn’t officially announced by WordPress yet. It began in downtown Montreal during an annual event that brings many tourists visiting and enjoying what the town has to offer. It began during one of my strolls in a popular section of Montreal full of bars and fancy eateries which were filled with happy international and local clients.

Having checked out the “hot” cars and lovely women on Crescent and Mountain streets during Montreal Grand Prix race Friday afternoon, I decided to walk West along Sherbrooke street to check out the various museums and art galleries and other interesting landmarks that populate that area.

My first stop was to view some of the large metal sculptures located outside the Montreal Museum of Fine Arts, these I have written about and shown the images on my last week’s blog. After this I crossed Sherbrooke street going South and briefly entered the Montreal Museum of Fine Arts new main entrance. I worked my way over to the front ticket booth to enquire whether it was still free to see the various exhibitions as was the case the last time I visited alas, it was not!

Finding out that I had to fork out $12.00 to get in, I decided to leave it for some future time and continued my walk along Sherbrooke street. As I walked along I stopped a few times to view some interesting window displays that caught my fancy at some of the various small private museums/art galleries. Peripherally, I just happened to catch this tiny fellow come flying in from somewhere to land in the restaurant outdoor veranda.

I had just passed this temporarily closed restaurant with an outdoor veranda when this sparrow decided to make his stage appearance. He had landed among all these weathered, aged, wooden chairs and some tables in this sort of “dugout” veranda, first on the floor then hopped up onto one chair then a table then on a crossbar of another chair and finally on that chair to view me eye to eye.

He had caught me unawares and it took what seemed a very long time before my brain kicked in to realize that this may be great photo opportunity. Almost immediately, I began busily fumbling trying to extract my stored camera in my soft camera bag and fortunately, I got this paparazzi type shot of our new celebrity!