Weekly Photo Challenge: Work of Art

Museum visitors view "work of art"
People viewing “work of art” outside museum.




In our daily lives we take them for granted yet each may be a “work of art” for anyone who cares to take notice. Although I probably have a very fine collection of works of art at home around me, I had a problem picking just one for this blog exercise until today. While walking around downtown in order to take in our annual Montreal Grand Prix weekend goings on I found my answer although it is already three weeks late.

With thousands of Grand Prix fans from all over arriving in town fortunately, this group was visiting our Montreal Museum of Fine Arts. While the Museum guides were busy explaining the large art object to our visitors I quickly snapped this series of pictures.
The “alphabet man” (human form made up up of all those individual letters linked by welding together) is my candidate as the “work of art”!