Weekly Photo Challenge: On the Move

"On the Move" musically talented busker playing electric guitar.
This talented busker in my “On the Move” picture was a combination Jimmy Henrix-Michael Jackson live.

While “On the Move” earlier this week I saw a several important, famous Montreal landmarks, all clustered within close proximity of each other, and also some very zany, interesting, and musically talented buskers providing entertainment for passersby.

I obviously had picked the right day because these guys were really good and I wasn’t the only person impressed enough to give them a well deserved donation. My euphoria with this entertainment finally ended when I saw a junkie near a puddle of water, yes there are junkies operating in every city and this black pigeon was a local. Strewn all about a puddle of rainwater were various cigarette butts leaching nicotine and 137 other poisons, some in the puddle and this poor fellow was drinking the stuff!