My Weekly Photo Challenge: Good Friday

Ukrainian Catholic priest prays during Good Friday service.
Good Friday service in a Ukrainian Catholic church.

Good Friday this year arrived early after what seems and probably was a very long extended harsh Winter however, we must all thank God that we made it and that there is a wonderful Summer awaiting us.

This year has brought a lot of change much that was unexpected and yet whether or not it is clear to us, no doubt the universe is unfolding as it should. We have heard rumors of war, seen war, people lost in planes and ships, murders, and death and destruction from nature. Despite all this, Good Friday helps us realize again that over 2000 years ago our loving God sent us His beloved Son to help us through our tribulations. Christ paid for our salvation through His death on the cross.

My photo is the Good Friday service at a Ukrainian Catholic church showing a priest praying in front of the Cross. It is surrounded by burning candles and flowers, an embroidered linen hangs from it signifying the clean linen used to wrap Christ after He was removed from the Cross. Christ was buried in Joseph of Arimathea’s personal burial cave since only the rich Jewish elites could afford this type of burial. Joseph was a follower of Christ and felt it fitting to help with the burial.