Weekly Photo Challenge: Inside

Inside two places, a big tent and a vehicule storage garage.
Craft items old Inside a big tent near the Montreal Olympic Stadium, and motocycles and cars inside a private garage storage place.

inside big tent

The word “inside” can evoke or conjure many different scenarios for different people, I found these two images that seem to fit the bill.

The top image is of a rented private garage storage that a friend once had and used for his vehicular restoration projects. It depicts all sorts of old motocyles and spare parts, and also a couple of old cars one an old Willys army jeep.

My other picture is of the inside of a big tent planted near Montreal’s 1976 Olympic Stadium where a sort of craft fair was happening. This was during a cold, windy, rainy day in late Fall and we had regular heavy gusts of wind shaking this tent and driving rain water along the floor soaking our feet, wow!