Perspective views of homeless man sleeping .
Perspective view set of a homeless man sleeping near a church sidedoor.

While taking some shots of a Catholic cathedral in the east end of towntown Montreal, I noticed and photographed this homeless man sleeping near one of the sidedoors of this church. He appeared dead to the world quietly sleeping there, on this side street ninety degrees to a busy boulevard just South from his spot.

I had passed this church numerous times while travelling by car however, I never stopped to look it over better. My chance for this happened just after leaving a business meeting at an old style Quebecois graystone building nearby. That day I had conveniently brought my small digital camera knowing I would have an opportunity to do some exploring. Leaving that meeting I headed down this street towards Rene Levesque boulevard just a little ways down from where I was and rounding the corner of this street I came face to face with this interesting church.

The cathedral was a typical classical “Norman” greystone construction and sported tall towers with long pointy roofs decked with a cross. I had fun taking many pictures from all accessible sides one these photos is shown here.