abandoned old house
Old abandoned house in Winter’s snow covering its weed and brush overgrown lawn.

This abandoned, fire damaged old house, actually a Summer residence very close to Lake Champlain once belonged to an old timer I used to know. I took this photo in the Winter shortly after the fire that occurred during the previous Fall. The scene is in B/W to emphasize and provide a somber, desolate looking appearance.

When the old man, I believe he was in his early nineties, passed away he left it to his son and family to use and enjoy however, tragically, his son a real drinker passed away about a year later and his family just let the place deteriorate. They seldom visited it and one day vandals broke in and started a fire which neighbors along with the local municipal fire department doused however, it was too late because the house had suffered great damage.

It was too bad because along with the house also went the source of perhaps, one of the best deep spring well water in this area. The water from this well was so nice, clear, and cold just simply refreshing during the hot days of Summer I remember this because I had been fortunate enough to sample it.