Weekly Photo Challenge: One

une, uno, eine..
One live “crawdad”, crawfish, mudbug, yabbie..

This little fella is the One. He is a crawdad, crayfish or crawfish, mudbug, or yabbie and related to lobsters. I took his picture this past fall after a friend brought in a load of these little guys for washing in the kitchen sink before cooking them into a meal.

These edible crustaceans make a nice dish when for example blended with some sausage, corn, and potatoes and Cajun spices. Only the tail is edible you do however, need about seven or eight pounds to have about a pound of peeled tails to use in certain soups, bisques and étouffées, etc.

Crawfish should not however, be eaten raw or alive, because these crunchy crustaceans may carry lungworms, tiny parasites, which can travel from your digestive tract (stomach) into your lungs, cheeks, or even your brain.