Deep Purple Tribute – Perfect Strangers Band

During their tribute to Deep Purple on Friday, 12, 2012, the Perfect Strangers Band played their theme song ‘Perfect Strangers’ a Deep Purple classic. They were to play many more classic Deep Purple songs including ‘A Child in Time’ before the show was over at around 11PM.

When I arrived at the “West Island’s Blues Festival 2012″ site across from the Dollard-des-Ormeaux city hall complex (Dollard-des-Ormeaux Park – on De Salaberry opposite of the Civic Centre) it was just about 9:15. Meanwhile, the Perfect Strangers band were systematically going over their drill before their show. Every instrument and every bit of electronic gear and backup being tested ensuring that the last sound the progressively anxious audience expected was as perfect as could be attained and it was when theme song ‘Perfect Strangers’ came on.

The video you are about to witness filmed using my SDR-57 Panasonic palmcorder. I took in most of the show and did it all without the help from a tripod or even a monopod. Some shaking noticed time to time as I tried to keep things steady fighting mounting fatigue and while manipulating the camera’s controls to zoom in and out capturing the various musicians.

Despite limitations with my camera, I still think that I captured the essence of this great musical scene, what do you think? Let me know by sending me an email whether you enjoyed this particular music video and whether I should post the others.

By-the-way, I would like to know the title of this video’s Deep Purple song perhaps you can help?