This Just in…

------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- This Just in...another controlled media story discussed by talking heads carefully mouthing metered, fake, news about bogus actors and events totally based on a skillfully composed collection of obfuscations, blatant lies, and innuendos. Each morning huge server computer farms churn out our daily dose of allegedly "real" news assembled from across our globe destined … Continue reading This Just in…

It’s Better In The Bahamas

------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- "It's better in the Bahamas" beamed out the radio message just recently inviting all who had the time and money looking for a "place in the sun" to visit,¬† and for many Americans, Canadians, and Europeans it was a dream location. Now called "one of the greatest national crises in our country's history" Dorian … Continue reading It’s Better In The Bahamas

Montreal Jazz Festival – Superman

------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- One of the real exciting things that occasionally occurs is the unexpected, and last Friday during the Montreal Jazz Festival 2019 Superman appeared and suddenly flew off. It was 5 PM and right on schedule like each other day, the Urban Science Brass Band began their usual warm up jam session where certain members … Continue reading Montreal Jazz Festival – Superman

Montreal Jazz Festival – Alex Pangman

------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Alex Pangman performs legend Fats Waller's composition Honey Suckle Rose at Montreal Jazz Festival 2019 while her Alleycats swing band provide the music. Honey Suckle Rose, original lyrics by Andy Razaf, turned 1929 song evolved into 1934 recording propelling Fats Waller into Grammy Hall of Fame. A veteran favorite of the Montreal Jazz Festival … Continue reading Montreal Jazz Festival – Alex Pangman

Canada Day 2019

------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Monday, July 1, Canada Day 2019 was a warm, slightly overcast day that morphed into a night filled with half-hour of awesome, dazzling, fireworks to mark the anniversary of one hundred fifty-two years of Confederation. Festivities this year began around supper hour with DJ loudly introducing first a funny entertainer for the little ones … Continue reading Canada Day 2019

Fete nationale 2019

------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Fireworks filled Sunday's night sky for la Fete nationale du Quebec¬† version 2019, French Canada's secular version of the eve of Saint Jean Baptiste Day. Ever since Quebec's so-called Quiet Revolution capped off by with Rene Levesque's separatist Parti Quebecois the province's religious devotion to its patron saint Saint John the Baptist was morphed … Continue reading Fete nationale 2019

Perpetually Good Father

------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ "This is my beloved Son, in whom I am well pleased!" announced the voice of our perpetually, good Father, God, the moment Jesus Christ was baptized by John the Baptist in the river Jordan. The apostles Luke, Mark, and Matthew witnessed this very important event, each writing their own version in their three gospels … Continue reading Perpetually Good Father