Just Ordinary Stuffed Green Peppers

Just ordinary cooked stuffed sweet green peppers in tomato preparation inside enameled cast iron pot.

Just ordinary cooked stuffed sweet green peppers in combination spicy tomato sauce and stewed herbed diced tomatoes inside enameled cast iron pot.

Depicted are just ordinary stuffed sweet green peppers cooked in a combination of spicy tomato sauce and stewed herbed diced tomatoes in an enameled cast iron pot on a stove.

This is an easy to make delicious ensemble requires very few ingredients costs very little yet it is a great meal that doesn’t tax your time to make and serves four people.

The stuffing is rice, either white or brown, which takes a bit more time to cook before being incorporated into this dish, and some sautéed onion mixed into the cooked rice before the stuffing.

Another version of this dish is to incorporate cooked beef hamburger meat in with the rice and onion stuffing mixture, and you can also use cooked Canadian bacon bits instead of the beef burger.

The whole thing can be done on the stove top or baked in the oven, it all depends on you because recipe variations of this dish abound for your enjoyment just check the Internet or the myriad of cook books out there, Bon Appétit!

This my contribution for WP single word prompt:”ORDINARY”.

Obsession Symptom

Donald Trump's election as US president causes some what psychologists would call a symptom of neurotic obsession.

Donald Trump’s election as US president causes some to find something, anything to tear him down, this psychologists would call a symptom of neurotic obsession.

The election of Donald Trump as US president causes some a neurotic obsession symptom coercing them to find something, anything to denigrate, putdown, and smear this man everyday just because he won and they hate that.

Since the election and his inauguration president Trump has been under a microscope everyday for every action he has taken as the president, numerous technical roadblocks and various other diabolical impediments engineered by his political enemies to create a crisis or fear atmosphere shown or written by their controlled media fake news peddlers.

Never in American history or world history has there ever been a presidential candidate subjected to this sort of never-ending daily assault by the controlled “free” media.

Each day 24/7/365 the political pundits, talking heads, and experts continue their attack as the president continues to irk them using Twitter banter to bait them into an obscene frenzy.

The American people made their final decision rightly or wrongly in November of 2016 after silently suffering personal hardships and absorbing tons of slanted, shameless, campaigning by various presidential choices for years and deciding they needed something new because their Hope died during 8 years of Barak Hussein Obama’s famous Change.

Realizing how duped they were by Democrats led by Obama into $$$$20 Trillions of more debt, average, ordinary Americans woke up and voted for Donald Trump, the unlikely, unorthodox, candidate, guaranteed to lose to Clinton according the experts and everybody else heck, it was a done deal!

My picture, found at an indoor flea market and photographed by me, depicts someone’s skilled photo work using Donald Trump to express their flawed, politically correct joke or message probably proving their inane, neurotic obsession with the man.

This is my contribution for WP single word prompt:”SYMPTOM”.

Enthusiastic General Acceptance

Enthusiastic general acceptance it was closing time seemed to pervade large remnant Canada Day crowd .

Enthusiastic general acceptance it was closing time seemed to pervade large remnant of excited Canada Day fans earlier populating municipal grounds.

Enthusiastic general acceptance seemed to pervade the large remnant of excited Canada Day fans that had earlier populated in the hundreds the grounds across from Dollard-des-Ormeaux city hall as they continued to cheer Freddy James and his band at closing time.

The annual event had gone off like clockwork with all the usual things happening to amuse and entertain everybody and after the twenty-minute firework display at 10 PM Freddy and company returned to the stage.

The troupe continued their steady, rhythmic, dance music beat melded with fancy leg work and moves complimented by a light show which drew whoops, clapping, and cheers from their motivated diehards fans.

Closing time, 12 midnight, officially had come and those remaining gave a final cheer when the troupe assembled at center stage, bowed, and left the scene as the lights went off for another year.

This my contribution for WP single word prompt:”ACCEPTANCE”.

It IS Easy Being Green Family

It is easy being green in springtime shows mallard mother duck leads her obedient family around the lake.

It is easy being green in springtime mallard mother duck leads obedient family paddling around Centennial Park lake during late afternoon avoiding predators.

It is easy being green mallard mother duck with obedient family paddling around the lake in the springtime during late afternoon trying to avoid predators.

The little guys stay close to mother trying to grow up quickly to survive by avoiding enemies ready to pounce on them.

As my picture shows a female mallard duck leads her brood around the man-made lake in Centennial Park in the West Island while another female mallard duck in the foreground not moving seems to watch perhaps, guarding over them.

Each year I witness this same sort of scene while I walk the path circling the lake where I encounter waterfowl families quietly moving through the still water of this lake or just lurking in the tall grasses that line the shore either resting or eating something.

An assortment of wild ducks and Canada geese come back here each spring knowing the lake is a safe place to lay eggs, hatch young, and help them survive until they can fend for themselves.

This my contribution for WP weekly photo challenge:”IT IS EASY BEING GREEN”.

Minimal Mechanical Effort

Total building destruction is minimal mechanical effort with crushing hydraulic monster metal jaws.

Total destruction of old building requires minimal mechanical effort with hydraulic monster metal jaws that crush everything.

Total destruction of old buildings requires minimal mechanical effort with depicted hydraulic monster metal  jaws that crush reinforced concrete, heavy gauge steel sheet metal, wood, and old gyproc wall board.

About two weeks ago while walking along Saint Catherine towards Montreal’s famous Saint Lawrence Boulevard or “Main” as locals have called it, I came across the active demolition of the old Woolworth store building located on the corner of these two streets.

The old building had been vacant and boarded up for some time therefore with all the construction activity in this area I was not surprised about what was going on that day however, the efficiency and speed of its destruction impressed me.

There were three mechanical shovels, one which sported the crushing steel jaws tearing, everything down, scooping up the debris, and loading it all onto huge waiting dump trucks meanwhile, a small caterpillar was also busy pushing loose debris into neat piles to be scooped later by one of the shovels.

Fortunately, it was drizzling light rain that day which helped keeping dust controlled nevertheless there was another piece of equipment that was hosing the debris with a fine spray of water as it was being  loaded onto the waiting trucks.

This my contribution for WP single word prompt:”MINIMAL”

Fifth Column Label

Canada's participation in WWI gave "fifth column" label to 8,579 immigrant civilians interned in concentration camps.

Canada’s participation in WWI gave “fifth column” label to 8,579 innocent immigrant civilians interned in hard labor concentration camps until war ended.

Canada’s participation in WWI gave “fifth column” label to 8,579 citizens interned in hard labor concentration camps in the hinterland until war ended, where records show at least 107 died.

Although the term “fifth column” was still not invented until much later during the horrible Spanish Civil war, these innocent immigrants whose only crime was they originated from Austria-Hungary and Germany therefore becoming “enemy aliens”.

Hysteria and unsubstantiated rumors swirled around that these unfortunates were dangerous and they infiltrated Canada to cause mayhem during the war years.

As depicted in my photo and as the legend in the picture taken at the Canadian War Museum says the vast majority were ethnic Ukrainians along with a sprinkling of Germans, Croatians, Serbians, Turks, and Bulgarians.

These ordinary hardworking immigrants represented a threat to certain established Canadians who called for something to be done.

The same sort of exercise would happen again during WW2 with the Japanese as well as Italians and Germans when Canadian Internment Camps housed a total of over 34,000-35,000 internees and POWs.

Sadly, the WWI internees had their properties confiscated by an all-powerful state most receiving no compensation whatsoever even after the war ended however, recently Canada’s Parliament finally recognized injustice done gave a token several million lump sum establishing funding to commemorate the bitter experiences these unfortunate Canadians went through.

This my contribution for WP single word prompt:”LABEL”.

Conquer Winter Snow

Man knows how to conquer winter snow using powerful snowblower to clean his driveway.

Man knows how to conquer winter snow using powerful snowblower instead of doing backbreaking work with shovel.

This man knows how to conquer winter snow because instead backbreaking work with a shovel he uses a powerful snowblower to clean his driveway after the massive snowstorm that hit Montreal last Tuesday, March, 14, 2017.

Last week Montreal experienced a lot of snow in a short time affecting most everything including Montreal’s Trudeau Airport, most schools, a lot of businesses, land transportation in and out of the city center because clogged highways with stuck vehicles or they slid off the road, and multiple accidents.

As always happens in these huge blizzards people die and this one claimed 4 people, and immobilized 300 vehicles on Highway 13 stranding people for 12 hours, caused a 50 car pileup near the own of Magog close to the US border in the Eastern Townships just to name a few incidents.

The amount of snow that fell surpassed a previous record that happened way back on March 4, 1971 paralyzing the city with a 43.2 cm snow dump on it along with winds gusting up to 110 kilometers per hour resulting little moving around except some people helping police using snowmobiles for emergencies because of the blowing snow and very low visibility.

Outside the city the dump on the province of Quebec was even greater with 47 cm of the white stuff making it the “storm of the century” back then requiring a lot of work to get things back to normal.

Along with the heavy snow, howling winds, and snow drifting, many parts of the province got blacked out because of that fierce weather due to power outages from downed lines

That memorable blizzard lost its top dog status when another wicked storm on December 27, 2012 with over 45.6 cm of snow blasted this area setting a new record.

Last week a total of 40 cm of snow fell on Montreal while other parts of the province were digging out from as much as 70 cm of snow.

By-the-way, according to historical records on March 1, 1900 Montreal experienced probably its most heaviest total snowfall ever with a record 55 cm dump help setting that March’s total of 118 cm which is four times what is typical.

This is my contribution for WP single word prompt:”CONQUER”.

Fiddling Around Controversy

Bearded guy wearing Stetsin fiddling while around him band members seem in controversy.

Bearded guy with worn Stetson continues fiddling while band members around him seem embroiled in controversy.

While he continues fiddling around him band members seem embroiled in controversy joined by another member just walking into the picture on the stage in the famed Place Heineken beer tent.

The scene in the tent seems unreal then again, the Notre Dame De Grass folk music band playing appeared to be just a bunch of good ole’ boys havin’ some fun taking a break while the bearded guy wearing worn Stetson kept on fiddlin’ as another member of the band smiling walks onto the stage late perhaps, after remembering he had this gig to attend.

Them fellers certainly whipped up some darn good country when they hafta an’ all them folks settin’ ’round in the background certainly appreciated it meanwhile, enjoyin’ a bit “medicinal” brew served up by some cute young women folk at the Heineken bar.

This scene is from a free concert performed during the 2016 Montreal International Jazz Festival on Wednesday, June 29th, which I captured digitally.

It is also my contribution for WP single word prompt:”CONTROVERSY”.

Parking Ticket Luck

Bad luck getting whacked with parking ticket for remaining past allotted time on Saint Catherine.

Parking ticket luck happens when vehicle owner regulations ignorant, not careful, or simply doesn’t care and flaunts possibility of ticket.

What foul luck, how disgusting, getting a parking ticket in downtown Montreal during the excitement of the annual Jazz Festival that is probably what owner of this heavy-duty Ford pickup truck will think after returning to it later.

Getting whacked with a substantial fine for remaining past the allotted time parked on Saint Catherine is just a cruel reality many experience if they are not aware of regulations and not careful, or simply don’t care and ignore the possibility that they will be ticketed.

I took this interesting picture last year after attending a few free outdoor shows happening during the Montreal International Jazz Festival while walking west (image right hand side) towards the Atwater metro (subway) station, a route I usually take during these events.

This my contribution for WP single word prompt:”LUCK”.

Massive Workcenter

Massive workcenter is automatic production facility with multiple tools cycled until job is completed.

Massive workcenter production facility where multiple tools are automatically produced, used, and replaced with new ones cycle continued until job is completed.

Massive workcenter where multiple tools are automatically produced, task performed, tool withdrawn replaced by next one performing next task, withdrawn, replaced by another tool to perform next operation and the cycle continues depending on the complexity of part until job is completed and machine stops.

A workcenter is a computer controlled contained production facility, executing a sequence of steps until job is completed, this particular workcenter is a machining type used to make medium to large size metal product parts or pieces.

My picture depicts it as exhibited during the SME 2016 Montreal Manufacturing Technology Show, an industrial trade show held last May 14 to 16 at Place Bonaventure complex downtown.

Some of the more sophisticated workcenters are capable being self-contained mini-factories cranking out an impressive output of similar parts and requiring very little input from human operators except for routine maintenance, setup required for job, supplying raw materials, removal of output of production, and emergency shut down in case of technical glitch.

This my contribution for WP single word prompt:”MASSIVE”