Bear Facts On Cruise CoVid19

--------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Hello, my name is Brown Bear, sharing facts on "lifetime" cruise where CoVid19 changed everything. Presently, my main concern is verified news that report laboratory tests are incorrectly telling people they are free of the coronavirus yet they really are not. There are reports that in several countries it is taking six negative test … Continue reading Bear Facts On Cruise CoVid19

And There’s An App For That…

--------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Today, our controlled mass media has stories about China's new weapon for CoVid19 by cellphone..and there's an app for that! Moreover, there is news how the infection rate has dropped over a couple days allegedly Chinese draconian measures is working to stop the spread they fail however, to mention that they have changed their … Continue reading And There’s An App For That…

Dr Frankenstein’s Succession

----------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Although Dr. Frankenstein's monster and the doctor are pure science fiction a real succession to his type of mad, evil work exists today. Since Mary Shelly wrote Frankenstein certain scientific circles believe that advances in modern technology like genetic engineering, cryogenics, nano-technology, robotics, or development of anti-aging drugs could extend human life indefinitely. Frankenstein … Continue reading Dr Frankenstein’s Succession

Apocalypse’s Fourth Horseman Death

--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Apocalypse's Fourth Horseman named Death rides a pale-white horse to war. The other members of team are called Famine, War, and Conquest, these riders are unleashed by the Lamb of God, Jesus Christ, opening the first of seven sacred seals. The first rider on a white horse is interpreted to symbolize Christ, second riding … Continue reading Apocalypse’s Fourth Horseman Death

nCoV2019 Dead On Street

+++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ February 1, 2020 is here and nCoV2019 continues its rapid, sustained, spread globally since early December 2019 meanwhile, leaving multitudes in its wake dead on the street in Wuhan, China. Despite a massive, unprecedented, reaction from the Chinese Communist regime to stem this contagion it has all come too late because the annual Chinese … Continue reading nCoV2019 Dead On Street

nCoV2019 Contamination Terror

============================================================================================ As this is being written the USA reports first person-to-person transmission helping to spike the nCoV2019 virus contamination sense of terror evolving across the globe. According to the US Centers for Disease Control the new victim is the 60-year-old spouse of Chicago woman recently back from traveling to Wuhan, China. Both people remain in … Continue reading nCoV2019 Contamination Terror

nCoV-2019 No Fear

=================================================================== Virus nCoV-2019 continues spreading across the globe yet the World Health Organization maintains a no fear attitude meanwhile, hinting this may change at any moment. So far there are over 800 confirmed active cases and around 30 deaths registered across the globe most of the action being in Wuhan, China. "We all agree that … Continue reading nCoV-2019 No Fear