Patience with Chainsaw

Tree trimmer exhibits patience with his chainsaw after having climbed to where he will cut tree limb. Routinely Hydro Quebec, our electric utility, has trained crews out trimming trees in the neighborhood to help prevent power outages from bad weather. The work is also done by a select number of private arborist companies for the … Continue reading Patience with Chainsaw

Techno Noise

Techno noise fills air near the small Loto-Quebec during stage during annual Montreal Just-for-Laughs Festival while mixed group perform. Around the stage a small crowd of mostly international tourists and some locals either stand or sit on the huge steps of front entrance to Place-des-Arts building. This festival like the Montreal International Jazz Festival happened … Continue reading Techno Noise

Provoke Memories

Quaint old Montreal establishments like this one on Rue Notre-Dame Quest near famous Notre Dame Cathedral provoke memories of French Europe. Although I have never dined in this petit Bistrot I can assume that the food is wonderful and made according to famed Le Cordon Blue culinary standards. According to their website "Le Chat Noir … Continue reading Provoke Memories

Metallic Grasp

Metallic jaws methodically grasp rubble from old derelict Woolworth department store building located at corner of Saint Catherine street and Saint Laurent(Laurence) boulevard. This scene is from 2017 when this site was swarmed by four mechanical shovels aided by several small quick mobile machines tearing down a derelict old building loading contents into a waiting … Continue reading Metallic Grasp

Suddenly A White Contrail

Suddenly a white contrail appears overhead a few minutes after sundown in the frigid late autumn sky. The scene is a shopping center parking lot in Montreal's West Island near highway 40 as I glanced up at the quickly darkening cloudless sky noticing what looks like telltale sign of an incoming missile or "strike first" … Continue reading Suddenly A White Contrail

I’d Rather Be..Snoozing

Mr. T resting comfortably, no doubt would say I'd rather be..snoozing during day partying at night. Cats are hunters and enjoy evening hours reconnoitering their surroundings for prey, mostly rodents. The black and white was our guest this past winter for about two months and after a few days familiarizing self with his new premises … Continue reading I’d Rather Be..Snoozing

Entertainment Story

  little girl watches Saint Jean Baptiste entertainment story unfold throughout rainy day resting on her father's lap under umbrella. The scene is 2016 during Quebec's Fete National which originally was its patron saint's day until the separatist Parti Québécois made it a secular event in late 1970's. This little girl along with her father … Continue reading Entertainment Story