Simplify Gelato

The well planned kiosk setup at the Fairview Shopping Center helps simplify Gelato ice cream sales especially during those hot summer days. As my picture clearly shows, each flavor type of this delicious Italian frozen treat has its own deep tub inside this custom-built freezer which keeps the proper temperature. Additionally, unlike traditional ice cream … Continue reading Simplify Gelato

Brooch Costume

The color black seems appropriate when creating ladies brooch costume like the one shown. Although other colors, like for instance red, probably would work also it just wouldn't have the same effect. The scene is inside the Saint Michel flea-market where I spotted this interesting female manikin decked out with a ton of brooches of … Continue reading Brooch Costume

Sweet Bliss

Taking a bite of that delectable, wonderfully moist, homemade, muffin transported me into absolute sweet bliss I have to confess those teeth marks are mine heck, the image is irrefutable visual proof of my dastardly deed. I must admit it was that lemon icing that did me in, made me do it, take that fateful, … Continue reading Sweet Bliss

Suspicious Transports

Most every day suspicious transports arrive at secluded terminal of Moscow's main international airport and a small, familiar, parade follows. While Moscow's military continues to modernize, only small portions of it has transitioned completely meanwhile, over two-thirds is old Soviet Union era including most of Putin's Syria "humanitarian aid" still using mostly 1970's hardware. According … Continue reading Suspicious Transports

Conjure Mediterranean Life

Looking at this painting helps conjure what Mediterranean life in Sicily, Greece, or perhaps, even Lebanon must be. My first thoughts were Sicily or Greece however, when I mentioned this to one of the Saint Michel flea-market vendors he suggested Lebanon. This photo edited image is from a painting that happened to be hanging in … Continue reading Conjure Mediterranean Life

Insist On Cruelty

Despite much recent controversy certain callous, uncaring, Montreal Calesh owners still insist on inflicting animal cruelty, abusing them to make a few dollars. As my picture shows this poor old horse has to pull the wagon with two humans aboard in a minus 20*C temperature. Apparently, there still are clients who think it is OK … Continue reading Insist On Cruelty

Tour Guide 4Montreal

Tour Guide 4Montreal mashup highlights places that haven't changed much remaining landmark icons international tourists appreciate visiting because they are unique. I have included also a picture of our famous overpasses that linked highway 20, the Ville Marie expressway, and the Decarie expressway these overpasses are now pretty much demolished. Also, Montreal would not be … Continue reading Tour Guide 4Montreal