Rideau Cottage Follies

Rideau Cottage Follies

After countless scandals since being elected as PM, Justin Trudeau continues with his corrupt ways creating even more controversy wasting hard earned Canadian taxpayer’s money to satisfy his behind-the-scenes puppetmasters. His latest is secretly wasting even more money while elected MPs are awaiting when Parliament is to reopen again. He and his cronies know doing … Continue reading Rideau Cottage Follies

In The Bag

In The Bag

As our world convulses trying to stop the pace of the pandemic that has defined our daily lives since early 2020 certain "secret societies" are patting each other on their backs and rubbing their hands gleefully awaiting the moment that they can tie up the bag containing their hapless victims. "The masses never revolt of … Continue reading In The Bag

According to the script

According To The Script

It's April 2021 and we are still struggling with that deadly virus, last year's Chinese New Year's gift happily distributed by Chinese visitors. Democrat Joe Biden, former VP in the previous Obama regime, is now the official US president however, little has changed because Americans are still dying from that Chinese gift. It is as … Continue reading According To The Script

The Deal

Now The Deal

After weeks of the great 2020 presidential puppet show while Chinese origin Virus ID19 exterminated thousands of mostly confused, uncertain, innocent, average, ordinary, Americans caught unprepared for this sneak, undeclared, bio-war, now they are about to get slammed by "The Deal" from president elect Joe Biden. In case you're wondering what it is all about, … Continue reading Now The Deal

Nobody Wins

Nobody Wins Election

Last night on November 3, 2020 many Americans voted for a new president and after weeks of projection and speculation the verdict is finally in - Nobody wins the 2020 US presidential election by a resounding margin. Both president Donald Trump and former Obama vice-president Joe Biden fought a hard fight however, it was the … Continue reading Nobody Wins Election

Vote Nobody

Vote Nobody For President

Tonight vote Nobody for US president because Nobody will keep election promises. Also, Nobody will listen to your health concerns during this corona-virus pandemic moreover, Nobody will help the poor and unemployed because of CoVid19 or any other time. Nobody tells the truth before and after being elected or anytime. Finally, Nobody cares about you, … Continue reading Vote Nobody For President

Shut Down Virus

Going To Shut Down Virus

No matter which side is picked as eventual "winner" CoVid19 is here to stay. “I’m going to shut down the virus, not the country,” Joe Biden said last Thursday night during the very heated third US presidential debate apparently, this line was approved by his Democrat brain-thrust handlers as part of a concerted strategy designed … Continue reading Going To Shut Down Virus