Saint Valentine 2019

------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Each February 14th the Western world celebrates "Valentine Day" and commerce has a wonderful time profiting from it because after all it's the day when lovers are supposed to express their mutual love with gifts. The chocolate industry are more than happy to oblige with their selections of both dark and milk chocolate goodies … Continue reading Saint Valentine 2019

Remembrance 100

  November 11, 2018 is Remembrance 100 for those of us who care about our war veterans because it was exactly 100 hundred years ago when they signed the Armistice ending world war one. "Old soldiers never die, they just fade away", is how the old quote goes made famous by US general Douglas MacArthur … Continue reading Remembrance 100

Bad Dream

    Have you lately had restless nights leaving you wondering why you're so tired when you wake perhaps, may be just something you ate earlier or.. perhaps, it's that reoccurring bad dream! Seems it's always that same, familiar surroundings, that old house, those numerous elongated windows, that single round tower with its small black, … Continue reading Bad Dream

Sole Kasha Asparagus

Maintaining health requires proper nutrition provided by vegetables, grains, fish or meat like this very  simple dish made of Sole, Kasha, and Asparagus.   Maintaining good health requires proper nutrition provided by a combination of vegetables, grains, fish or meat and this very simple dish of Sole, sweet red pepper, onion, Kasha, and Asparagus qualifies. Picture depicts … Continue reading Sole Kasha Asparagus

2018 Summer’s Last

2018 Summer's last vestiges were morphing into Fall meanwhile, during our beautiful Labor Day weekend this little hummingbird methodically performed his last sortie .   2018 Summer's last vestiges were morphing into Fall and what remained of this year's exceptionally warm, balmy weather was quickly disappearing. During last month's beautiful Labor Day weekend the little … Continue reading 2018 Summer’s Last

Montreal’s 28th First Nations Festival

This year's 28th First Nations Festival performances the started on August 7th on the big stage in Montreal's downtown Cartier-des-spectacles continuing a tradition that began 15 years ago. The 28th Montreal First Peoples Festival aka (Présence autochtone) runs through Aug. 15, celebrating Aboriginal film, music, visual arts, crafts and food. Again as in previous years, … Continue reading Montreal’s 28th First Nations Festival

Red Alert

Defined as final stage for imminent, impending danger of the highest order, red alert is a warning that your peril is assured if you proceed carelessly. The bright red wild mushrooms depicted should be considered a red alert, in fact, all wild red mushrooms that you may encounter should be a warning that extreme danger … Continue reading Red Alert