Weekly Photo Challenge: Between


Cellphone user between me and my subject.

Coming between you and what you want

Someone just got in between me and my camera and what I was about to capture digitally, and he was totally oblivious about it because he was having his wonderful conversation on his cellphone.

I had just arrived on Crescent street during this year’s Grand Prix celebrations when I saw this busker playing his musical instrument. I wanted to capture his image on my camera so I pressed my shutter button however, almost immediately this cellphone user “automation” just casually gets into my picture.

Doesn’t it irritate you when people just walk right into your picture without even considering what you are attempting to do? This guy was a total automation connected the nearest microwave communication tower providing him his “hit” to feed his habit. He cared little for anything except that conversation he was having on his cellphone with his girlfriend, wife, boyfriend or drinking buddy, he is one of the modern, connected, beautiful people and the cellphone industry loves him.

I did want that picture of that busker so after waiting a bit I snapped that second picture quickly avoiding another in between scene..Enjoy!

Weekly Photo Challenge: Extra, Extra

Extra, extra little bird on old chair

Extra, extra is a sparrow perched on restraurant’s weather beaten wooden chair.

Our search for that extra, extra, special, unique item began a while ago, about 2 weeks ago although it wasn’t officially announced by WordPress yet. It began in downtown Montreal during an annual event that brings many tourists visiting and enjoying what the town has to offer. It began during one of my strolls in a popular section of Montreal full of bars and fancy eateries which were filled with happy international and local clients.

Having checked out the “hot” cars and lovely women on Crescent and Mountain streets during Montreal Grand Prix race Friday afternoon, I decided to walk West along Sherbrooke street to check out the various museums and art galleries and other interesting landmarks that populate that area.

My first stop was to view some of the large metal sculptures located outside the Montreal Museum of Fine Arts, these I have written about and shown the images on my last week’s blog. After this I crossed Sherbrooke street going South and briefly entered the Montreal Museum of Fine Arts new main entrance. I worked my way over to the front ticket booth to enquire whether it was still free to see the various exhibitions as was the case the last time I visited alas, it was not!

Finding out that I had to fork out $12.00 to get in, I decided to leave it for some future time and continued my walk along Sherbrooke street. As I walked along I stopped a few times to view some interesting window displays that caught my fancy at some of the various small private museums/art galleries. Peripherally, I just happened to catch this tiny fellow come flying in from somewhere to land in the restaurant outdoor veranda.

I had just passed this temporarily closed restaurant with an outdoor veranda when this sparrow decided to make his stage appearance. He had landed among all these weathered, aged, wooden chairs and some tables in this sort of “dugout” veranda, first on the floor then hopped up onto one chair then a table then on a crossbar of another chair and finally on that chair to view me eye to eye.

He had caught me unawares and it took what seemed a very long time before my brain kicked in to realize that this may be great photo opportunity. Almost immediately, I began busily fumbling trying to extract my stored camera in my soft camera bag and fortunately, I got this paparazzi type shot of our new celebrity!

Weekly Photo Challenge: Room

Finding "room" to park at shopping center is challenging.

Parking “room” still available.

Finding “room” at the local strip mall can be a challenge especially at this time of the year as folks populate those wonderful stores and eateries now that the weather has become nicer.

I took this picture about a week ago when I was one of those folks driving a car trying to find room to park. As you can all see
there were only two spots nearby where parking was possible to do although there probably were a couple more further down on
the right side towards the tree line where that Honda or Toyota was turning.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Split Second Story

Couple dances in the rain providing a "split second story".

A couple dances while it rains providing a “split second story”.

Talking about capturing a moment in time, a “split second story”, this image I took years ago up in the Laurentians North of Montreal certainly fits the bill.

I had come up for the weekend for a Summer festival that was held annually at this community camp and and Sunday morning it had started to rain some dampening the prospects for more people
arriving that day from Montreal. Fortunately for me I always, well mostly always, pack a camera just in case there was something to capture on film and I certainly was lucky to capture this candid moment in time as the couple had fun “dancing in the rain”!

Weekly Photo Challenge: Twist

Talented buskers-entertainers "twist" experience.

Two buskers entertainers were the “twist” or unexpected pleasant surprise.

My recent walk along Saint Catherine Street provided the “twist” experience for me because these two were just fantastic entertainers engaged in getting some change for their efforts from the thousands of passersby.

I had just left an SME industrial equipment exposition at Place Bonaventure and walked from there through Montreal’s Central Train Station enjoying seeing he multitudes busy getting their lunch or shopping at the various colorful kiosks, stores, and getting
their booze at SAQ liquor store. Exiting onto Rene Levesque boulevard I walked up to Saint Catherine then continued going West when I first saw this pair performing their shtick with a bass and guitar.

The guy with the worn black top hat wearing those brown mittens
missing material for his fingers was really blasting away with his instrument while his partner with the “Ralph Kramden” hat (the old “Honeymooners” sitcom starring the late Jackie Gleeson, Art Carney, Audrey Meadows, and Joyce Randolph) was busy providing
accompanying guitar sound.

As my photo shows most all passersby were really enjoying these two buskers providing a great time while making some hard earned change. Their act meanwhile was getting notoriety as real entertainment perhaps good enough to get on the Ed Sullivan…oops, that that show has been gone for over 40 years and it was filmed in glorious black and white!

Weekly Photo Challenge: Work of Art

Museum visitors view "work of art"

People viewing “work of art” outside museum.




In our daily lives we take them for granted yet each may be a “work of art” for anyone who cares to take notice. Although I probably have a very fine collection of works of art at home around me, I had a problem picking just one for this blog exercise until today. While walking around downtown in order to take in our annual Montreal Grand Prix weekend goings on I found my answer although it is already three weeks late.

With thousands of Grand Prix fans from all over arriving in town fortunately, this group was visiting our Montreal Museum of Fine Arts. While the Museum guides were busy explaining the large art object to our visitors I quickly snapped this series of pictures.
The “alphabet man” (human form made up up of all those individual letters linked by welding together) is my candidate as the “work of art”!

Weekly Photo Challenge: On the Move

"On the Move" musically talented busker playing electric guitar.

This talented busker in my “On the Move” picture was a combination Jimmy Henrix-Michael Jackson live.

While “On the Move” earlier this week I saw a several important, famous Montreal landmarks, all clustered within close proximity of each other, and also some very zany, interesting, and musically talented buskers providing entertainment for passersby.

I obviously had picked the right day because these guys were really good and I wasn’t the only person impressed enough to give them a well deserved donation. My euphoria with this entertainment finally ended when I saw a junkie near a puddle of water, yes there are junkies operating in every city and this black pigeon was a local. Strewn all about a puddle of rainwater were various cigarette butts leaching nicotine and 137 other poisons, some in the puddle and this poor fellow was drinking the stuff!

Weekly Photo Challenge: Spring


Spring is a Cedar Waxwing bird sitting on a twig with leaf buds showing on adjacent twigs.

Spring to me happened last Thursday while Iwas out in my backyard when a small flock of Cedar Waxwing birds just filled the branches of a couple of trees and some also set down on the ground where there was a pile of dead leaves from last Fall. Apparently, there must have been some insects or perhaps ground worms under the dead leaves because some of the birds were very busy.

Realizing that these were unusual visitors to my backyard I quickly got hold of my digital camera to capture this event. This picture is of one of the birds resting on a tree branch observing me before escaping with his buddies. These birds were quite elusive whenever I tried to get a good shot of them fortunately, I got this nice shot.

Critters Hi-Wire

A critter (squirrel) on the move (high wire act) on a cable covered with vine.

Grey squirrel (critter) “hi-wire”¬†over cable covered with vines.

Most everyday I see critters “hi-wire” when I look out my window overlooking the backyard. Many times I see a highwire act performed by a local troupe of gray squirrels running along the cable company’s fibre cable.

Yesterday I was out on my back porch with my camera when this fellow came scooting along and I just managed to catch him jump off at his exit. The local telephone pole at the far corner of the yard was his jumping off point or “terminus”. He quickly disappeared in my neighbor’s backyard after having jumped off and I lost him after that. As this picture shows he certainly was in a hurry to get wherever he was going!

Easy Delicious Basa Bake

Basa fish fillet dish

Remains of easily cooked fillet of delicious Basa

Sometimes when we prepare a really yummy dish it is difficult to leave enough to photograph for our Internet WordPress blog and this is one of those times. What you see is the remains of two nice Basa fillets that we had for our Friday lunch. This dish turned out so delicious that..fortunately, somehow, I managed to get some control of my appetite to snap this picture.

The recipe is very simple and already provided on the heavy plastic bag containing the frozen Basa fillets, and you can simply follow that. I however, have modified/tweeked the recipe a wee bit because I didn’t have all the called for components for the provided recipe and voila..


2 frozen Basa fillets
1 green pepper chopped up (or skip as per original recipe)
1 Tbsp Olive oil
1 can stewed spiced tomatoes (or 2 spiced up fresh tomatoes as per original recipe)
1 medium onion chopped (or 2 green shallots sliced up)
Basil (or Thyme as per original recipe)
Paprika (or skip as per original recipe)


Prepare onions or shallots, tomatoes, and green peppers cutting the first into small pieces, the tomatoes thinly, and the peppers into thicker spices. Coat the bottom of a glass or ceramic baking pan with the Olive oil. Place layer of onions followed by a layer of tomatoes on the oiled pan bottom then place the fish fillets on top. Spice the fillets afterwards, add the remaining onion and tomato on top of the fish fillets. Preheat oven to 350 F degrees. Place baking pan with fish into oven and bake for about 30 minutes. Remove from oven, cool a bit and serve with cooked brown rice and perhaps some steamed asparagus..mmm!


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