Women Are Free Persons

October is women are free persons month commemorating the Canadian Valiant Five victory.

October is women are free persons month commemorating the Canadian Valiant Five’s awesome victory.

October is women are free persons month commemorating the Canadian Valiant Five’s awesome victory.

The famous Edwards versus Canada case, also known as the Persons Case, began on October 19, 1927, it ultimately decided that women were eligible to sit in the Canadian Senate.

This famous Canadian constitutional case that had to have a judgement by the British Privy Council in London also ruled on October 18, 1929 declaring that women were legal “persons” under the B.N.A. Act. Why this went to Britain was because until then, women were still considered ‘non-persons’ even for the Supreme Court of Canada, which had made that decision prior to the Privy Council’s.

The five determined women, led by Emily Murphy, appealed to the Judicial Committee of England’s Privy Council. This Committee’s five Lords decided unanimously that ‘persons’ in Section 24 of the BNA Act includes both sexes. Lord Chancellor, Viscount Sankey, Committee head, called the earlier Supreme Court of Canada interpretation of the BNA Act as “a relic of days more barbarous than ours and to those who ask why the word “person” should include women, the obvious answer is why should it not.”

It all began when the five women, Emily Murphy, Irene Parlby, Nellie McClung, Henrietta Muir Edwards, and Louise Crummy McKinney assembled by invitation at Emily Murphy’s home for tea to discuss petitioning the Supreme Court whether women are persons according to the 1867 British North America Act, Canada’s defacto Constitution until April 17, 1982. On that date the Queen, Elizabeth II, arrived from London, England to Parliament Hill in Ottawa and signed the Canada Act, the new Constitution which included the Charter of Rights and Freedoms.

My photo taken during my last trip to Ottawa and Parliament depicts Nellie McLung holding up the judgement ‘Women are Persons’ manuscript another standing with hand outstretched pointed towards Nellie while the other three are nearby Emily Murphy with a chair inviting the others, one sitting with a cup of tea in hand.

This monument is a replica of the original one unveiled in Calgary, Alberta in 1999, it was installed in 2000.

Economic Crash Test Dummy

Economic crash test dummy, Justin Trudeau, will drive Canada's economy into the wall.

Economic crash test dummy, Justin Trudeau, will drive Canada’s economy into the wall with 4 deficits totalling CDN$$147 BILLIONS.

economic crash test dummy2


Our economic crash test dummy, Justin Trudeau, will drive Canada’s economy into the wall because of his distorted, mistaken belief four years of ‘small’ deficits totaling CDN$147 BILLIONS will save the country for future generations. All it takes for this to happen is a Liberal win on October 19, 2015 and we are toast.

Perhaps, it’s that weed that he’s been smoking that has messed with his thinking or may be it is thoughts about the benefits he will get from his international bank financiers-handlers after leaving office. Heck, he would only be following Liberal tradition  just like his old man, Jean Chretien, or even Paul Martin.

Justin Trudeau is prepared to sacrifice Canadian taxpayers and saddle them with massive debt meanwhile, the international banks will profit even more from the extra compounding of interest on that extra borrowed money.

Until now, Canada has done well compared to others since the 2008 massive global financial meltdown caused by greedy international banks particularly those populating New York city’s Wall Street.

The Stephen Harper Conservative government, just like many governments on this globe, ran some deficit financing to help through the difficult years since 2008 however, this was more because of necessity and in consultation with the Canadian Parliament. All the opposition parties including the Liberals and the NDP pressured the government insisting that this was the way to get Canada out of the bad world financial situation.

On October 19, 2015 Canadians will vote for who will run Canada for the next four years and both Justin Trudeau’s Liberals and Thomas Mulcair’s NDP are willing to mess with a balanced budget that the Harper Conservatives worked very hard for and succeeded giving Canadians this year.

The Liberals under Trudeau want to take on more debt to improve Canada’s ‘infrastructure’ because this, according to them, will jump-start the economy creating thousands of new jobs and help small businesses.

Incidently, little, or more precisely, nothing, is ever mentioned about Canada’s real national debt of CDN$1.06 TRILLION to which Justin’s small deficits will be added.

The Liberals under Trudeau claim that they are doing it all for future generations perhaps, they mean all those ‘new’ Canadians that they intend to import if elected.  The Liberals have  promised to correct Canada’ s immigration laws bring it back to “normal”, corrupt like they had before.

They promise more rampant, wanton, unvetted, unchecked entry into Canada by anyone with a sob story to tell. Then again, that was the way previous Liberal regimes ran things to line their own pockets, so nothing has changed since.

It’s interesting because Pierre Eliot Trudeau began it all opening  Canada to everyone and this has included some international war lords, drug smugglers, people smugglers, and miscellaneous riffraff.

Come to think of it, Pierre Trudeau can also be considered the ‘father of deficit financing’ because before 1974 Canada’s real total national debt stood at a shocking CDN$$18 BILLIONS compare that to today’s mind-blowing CDN$$$1.06 TRILLION!!! Officially, as reported by the ‘news media’ the debt is a mere CDN$$147 BILLIONS.

It must be a family thing or perhaps,  it’s just a Liberal tradition, to waste Canadian taxpayers’ money without any hesitation because after all, Liberals are entitled to our money so bend over and..

Blood Moon Tracking

Blood moon tracking of third of four celestial tetral manifestations.

Blood moon tracking of third celestial manifestation in significant tetral series of four occurrences.

blood moon tracking6 blood moon tracking2 blood moon tracking3 blood moon tracking4 blood moon tracking7
Blood moon tracking of third celestial manifestation in significant tetral series of four occurrences, the last to be in 2033, happened last night.

Sunday night, September, 27, 2015, the assembly began slowly however, as the celestial manifestation progressed in the sky above more and more people arrived to witness the third spectacular appearance of the blood moon-super moon.

Apparently, the first was way back in 1982 and we have been fortunate to witness two more since last year. After yesterday’s heavenly show, the last is to happen in 2033 and may be significant because some believe that this will be Judgement Day, Armageddon*(see note below), the End of Days.

Fortunately, we have NASA to correct things because according to them, we are fine since they have not detected any massive asteroid or other such thing heading our way at least not yet, looks like we’ve dodged the bullet.

Our Sunday get together was in a dark lonely field at McGill‘s MacDonald campus, which in appearance as time passed looked like a gathering of the faithful awaiting an alien mothership to arrive.

We arrived early however, for a few moments while enduring a massive cloud of dust that almost blinded our driver following two yellow ‘uncle harry’ school buses packed with faithful we could have ended up in a ditch. All turned out alright and we were fortunate in the end because having endured the deluge of dust we found a nice parking spot near the farmhouse close to the entrance gate of the compound.

Everybody was very enthusiastic about our opportunity to witness the blood moon celestial show, enjoy the sight of a combined “blood moon” and “supermoon” lunar eclipse that was about to begin.

The sight of the miniature observatory that sat right in the middle of the farmer’s field was most welcomed and many excitedly asked questions of the man running the operation using two telescopes and laptop to track and record it all. My pictures show some of the equipment in it as well as that of others that brought down theirs for this event.

*Note: The site picked to explain ‘Armageddon’ does not in any way reflect author’s beliefs or opinion and was chosen at random.

Propped Grid

Propeller propped grid or so it seems in this picture.

Propeller propped grid or so it seems in this picture.

In response to The Daily Post’s weekly photo challenge: “Grid.”

Lancaster propeller propped grid or so it seems in this picture, the reality is that the huge grid overhead supports not only the building’s roof but also some of the exhibits that hang from it.

This is one of the propellers nesting in one of the four large Lancaster bomber engines below it is the air intake and barely shown on the left hand side are a couple of exhaust pipes for the engine.

Hanging directly above this warplane exhibit is a huge metal grid which is part of the building roof structure. The building has many structurals that compose grids some huge others small. These grids are all over the place because they allow the many mating building components to bond together in this very modern aircraft hangar structure.

To be honest I never even noticed the grid hovering above until I read this week’s photographic challenge and started my search in my photo files for a proper contender in this contest.

Multiple Connected Parts

Multiple connected parts join and secure parts composing vintage Canadian warplane.

Multiple connected parts create vintage Canadian warplane depicted in picture at Ottawa Aeronautical Museum.

In response to The Daily Post’s weekly photo challenge: “Connected.”

Multiple connected parts help create this vintage Canadian warplane depicted in picture taken at Ottawa’s Aeronautical Museum.

Beginning at the nose, the propeller, the hub cone connects to a hidden shaft that directly connects to the powerful aircraft engine hidden behind under aluminum sheet metal composing the airplane front.

Before I continue, we also have the four variable pitch propellers that connect hidden shaft mentioned earlier. In the background all sorts of small hardware like screws, washers, nuts, connect to each other to bond or hold the aforementioned aircraft components to the airframe.

The aircraft body is also held together with rivets, sheet metal screws and special spring steel metal clips to the aircraft frame. Moving right along the same type aforementioned small hardware connects and holds the wings to the fuselage.

Small hardware is also used to build the wings joining the ‘skin’ sheet metal to the wing frame. Special glue is also used to make a sealed bond in the wings which usually carry the fuel needed for the aircraft engine in special bladders within the wings.

Special hinges are used in our wings to help fold them when storing this warplane on an aircraft carrier, and they also connect and secure the two halves of each wing when readying it for action.

Looking directly below our wings, special struts, hold the landing wheels assemblies, attached to hydraulic systems composed of special hi-pressure hoses and fitting connect to and powered by the aircraft engine.

The landing gear setup connects to the aircraft with special hardware, so are the doors that help hide it when the warplane is in the air.

The aircraft engine compartment just in front of the pilot’s cockpit again is a collection of small hardware connecting and holding special doors covering the engine works. The cockpit is another collection of things connected together, plexiglass and sheet metal and screws, clips, rivets, and glue.

Deep inside the frontal edges of the aircraft wings another set of connected things compose its armament systems.

Behind the pilot’s cockpit looking backwards, the aircraft’s tail end provides another set of things connected together and the rest of the aircraft. Besides the fixed vertical stabilizer composed of a frame covered by sheet metal we have the two halves of the horizontal stabilizer, also frames and sheet metal, all held together with already aforementioned small hardware.

Finally, we have the main wing flaps and the rear horizontal and vertical stabilizers’ flaps connected to special hydraulics and mechanical systems and held together with various miscellaneous small hardware.

There is still more however, I think by now you get the picture that an aircraft are very complex piece of equipment, a connected collection of systems.

Fools of Trades

The 'fools of trades' tired old tools collection represent Trudeau Liberal slogans and empty promises.

The ‘fools of trades’ Trudeau Liberal campaign  collection of tired old slogans and promises these tools represent.

The “fools of trades” Liberal party campaign included Justin Trudeau’s speech to a local plumbers’ union in Waterloo, Ont., he promised $500-million to the provinces and another $200-million on training for those who can’t get federal government paid training.

As for the other $50 million (out of a promised $750-millions), well that needs some more consultation with the Liberal party’s spin doctors and his close advisors and handlers perhaps, Jean Chretien can dream up another sponsorship scandal to sponge that up and like ether vapor disappear forever into the atmosphere.

Like my picture shows, the Justin Trudeau’s Liberal plan is just a collection of tired old tools representing Liberal party slogans and promises that we have all seen before flaunted as new ideas in their ‘Change’ and ‘Hope’ for our salvation.

By-the-way, it’s interesting that Justin would visit a union-run training facility for plumbers and steamfitters because after all they do deal with a lot of hot air in their profession heck, they are also pros in dealing with waste byproducts (a lot of garbage).

As for creating jobs by training, which jobs is he referring to, are they jobs in IT because he mentioned Microsoft Win 95?

Just a few days ago Trudeau, his party, and their obedient ally, the ‘news media’, told Canadians that we were in a ‘structural’ recession, and we all know that if that were so then jobs would be very scarce, even MacDonald and Tim Horton jobs. Therefore, what jobs are the Liberals talking about..oh, yeah, the famous ‘infrastructure’ jobs. Would they be like the ones Obama and the Democrats gave Americans following Obama’s victory?

Word has it that the USA in booming heck, they have to be considering that 93 million Americans are on food stamps and are still living the ‘good life’. It’s all because of that massive Trillions of dollars ‘invested’ into their ‘infrastructure’ that has kept their dollar worth more than ours.

Justin is also going after the ‘rich class’ to fulfill his party’s resolve to strengthen the ‘middle class’, a testament to the Liberal commitment to workers’ rights. He promises the rich will pay more just so the underdog, average and poor Canadians get ‘good wages’ to help pay back the alleged $$30 billion ‘small’ deficit his action plan will make.

Don’t you all worry about that insignificant thing called interest that the international banks will pile up on that small deficit perching on top of the already ‘normal’ $$$ 1. 07 Trillion nation debt Canada already carries.

Justin is generous with $$Billions and has not forgotten our aboriginal peoples promising them another $50 million then again, he is just following tradition because past Liberal regimes also promised and delivered very little once they were elected heck, empty promises are easy.

Let’s Hope we are not part of that Change that Trudeau and his senior mentor Chretien are willing to saddle us with. Canadians need to think hard when they vote and prevent it happening. Lets not be fools of the international bankers and their trades of our welfare for their massive profits.

Monochromatic Couple Beer

A monochromatic couple beer, a case or two of Carlsberg.

A monochromatic couple beer, a case or two, and everything becomes monooochromatic.

In response to The Daily Post’s weekly photo challenge: “Monochromatic.”

A monochromatic couple beer, a case or two, and everything becomes monooochromatic spessially on the weekend hic!

Carlsburg an Molson Expor or even das Budweiser makes real good chromatix beers heck, just run out them las..las..last Sunday an got to get some more soon hic. Now was..was..whats dat bout chromatix..oh, oh..you said monokromatsix yeh das right!

From Almost Every Angle

from every angle 2 from every angle 3 from every angle 4In response to The Daily Post’s weekly photo challenge: “From Every Angle.”

Seen from almost every angle, as shown in the pictures I took, a very interesting WW2 Allied warplane housed at Ottawa’s Aeronautical Museum.

I have already mentioned my trip earlier on a few blog posts and have shown some of the aircraft exhibits however, the museum certainly has a great selection to write about. Their exhibits include both civilian and military aircraft and components going back to the beginning of air travel.

The place is huge and there are already two buildings housing the collection although the second called the Annex can only be visited at certain times which visitors can question the staff about when they arrive at the museum.

There is also a souvenir shop loaded with all sorts of stuff including you-build-them model aircraft kits (the miniature models), books, magazines, various knickknacks, and t-shirts etc.

Should you suffer hunger pangs they also have a small cafeteria with vending machines and various snack foods. The museum encourages using their cafeteria because bringing in your own food and drink is ‘verboden’..that’s German for forbidden, not allowed.

Just Watch Me 2


Just watch me 2 is our second Trudeau experience rolling the dice hoping it doesn’t come up snake eyes, more destructive political turmoil.

The first was Pierre Eliot Trudeau, who during the 1970 October Crisis uttered the now famous “just watch me” to TV reporters when pressed about how far he was prepared to go to regain control.

We are throwing our dice hoping against a repeat of history when Canada experienced an incredible amount of fiscal and constitutional turmoil much of which we are still dealing with even today.

Canadian deficit financing as we know it and are still experiencing its effects on our daily lives today was brought in by Pierre Eliot Trudeau’s Liberal government in 1974.

Canada’s national debt then was a staggering $$18 Billion dollars   and the Bank of Canada printed our own money lending it to our federal government at no interest at all, this changed with the Trudeau government who signed it all away to international banks.

In 1974 the Trudeau Liberal allowed them free rein to print money and collect interest on what they printed and loaned to the federal government.

Today our national debt is about ***$$420 Billion more or less and expected to double, triple, or whatever when Justin Trudeau becomes prime minister. We know that deficit financing is what his government intends doing because he publicly said so. ***(actually $$$CDN 1.07 TRILLION Dollars 15/09/2015)

Despite this, nearly 30 years after leaving office and 13 years after death, the Trudeau myth endures. In fact, one national polling company claims that he remains ranked the best Canadian prime minister since 1968. It is small wonder why Justin rose so quickly in the struggling Liberal party, in part by the nostalgia for that earlier Trudeau era.

During the years 1969 and 1979  world commodity prices experienced a temporary plateau  remaining high and the Trudeau Liberals got lulled into tripling federal spending raking up the worst federal budget deficits in peacetime history. When things then went south with commodities Canadians became saddled with huge debt.

This is interesting because Trudeau had once worked in Ottawa from 1949 to 1951 for Liberal Prime Minister Louis St. Laurent as an economic policy advisor in the Privy Council Office.

For someone who was a doctoral student under renowned socialist economist Harold Laski in the London School of Economics he should definitely have been more attuned, on the ball, to the stock market’s highs and lows. Then again, Trudeau also trained in Harvard and the Institut d’Études Politiques de Paris, and was fascinated with Marxism and Keynesian economics being essential to the creation of the “good life” in democratic society. Pierre even travelled to Moscow, USSR for a conference on it about which he found out from a number of leftist publications he subscribed to.

Spending and piling up massive debts to leave for future generations of Canadians was the ‘raison d’être’ for Pierre because he loved being a celebrity, the internationalist, cavorting with dictators. These same people accustomed doing similar stuff to keep their masses quiet through their state controlled media that provided them necessary cover with daily propaganda on how wonderful everything is because of their socialist governments.

Heck, Trudeau, the media darling, could get away with almost anything, he could do no wrong. For example, he claimed to utter “fuddle duddle” to an opposition MP who outfoxed him regarding an important issue, when it was clear that he really said “f–k off!” Trudeau, arrogant as the rich man’s son he was, defended himself when accused of not having the guts to admit saying the f-word by saying that he didn’t run off to complain to his mama, unlike opposition members whining to the press.

More of this information, despite much sanitizing done on Google, is available for those interested finding it.

Canadians will elect a federal government in October 2015 that will either be a servant to the population or  they will end up serving a massive, bloated, expensive government they’ve had before in a different era.

We must  make our decision carefully based on true facts instead of swallowing blatant slanted propaganda the media talking heads bombard us daily with.  Emotions based on false nostalgia have no room in our decision because too much is at stake






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