Reward is given in gratitude.

Reward is something given self or by others to you as an award in gratitude.

lincoln front

driver side entry

right profile

steering dash

lincoln engine

Reward is something given self or by others to you as an award in gratitude for something you did or accomplished. The prize is highly desirable and worthy of your deed or actions, its is also most likely enviable by others.

“Oh Lord, won’t you buy me a Mercedes-Benz ?
My friends all drive Porsches, I must make amends.
Worked hard all my lifetime, no help from my friends,
So Lord, won’t you buy me a Mercedes-Benz ? ..”

Janis Joplin, a Porsche owner herself, sang this song about the pursuit of ‘stuff’ or worldly goods, supposed to offer happiness, illusory happiness. The Mercedes is the reward because after all, allegedly that it is the car important, wealthy people drive it’s all a myth however, because there are many more that drive other equal or more luxurious cars as a prestige symbol.

My reward is a certainly highly desirable and would make a lot of people envious because of what it is. What I wish as a recognition of my hard work and worthy behaviour, and as a positive reinforcement for my performance blogging here is a 2015 Lincoln MKZ sedan.

This beauty’s standard features include a 300-hp, 3.7L, six cylinder engine coupled with a six speed automatic transmission with overdrive, four-wheel anti-lock ABS brakes, AdvanceTrac electronic stability drive line traction control, side seat mounted airbags, automatic air conditioning, fancy eighteen inch aluminum wheels, and cruise control. These outstanding features combined with a stunning design make my White Platinum Metallic Tri-Coat Lincoln MKZ AWD a world-class sedan.

The 3.7 Liter V6 engine unleashes 300-hp to all four wheels and coupled with its smooth-shifting automatic transmission delivers one of the smoothest rides available today. Advanced computer technology makes the MKZ highly intelligent with its banks of sensors continuously monitoring its systems. Cutting edge response to motion such as braking and steering handled in milliseconds providing almost instantaneous adjustments to the vehicule’s suspension ensuring a smooth, pleasant, trip.

The MKZ’s all wheel drive keeps a tight grip on the road in any weather conditions heck, sitting in your comfy heated premium upholstered seat with built-in memory adjusting it to your personal comfort settings along with its full range of power accessories within short reach instills full confidence.

Its touch controls provide instant gratification and connection to your digital world, marvels such as dual-zone automatic climate control, the Sync with voice commands, MyLincoln Touch infotainment, an awesome DVD equipped sound system, USB/iPod input jacks, and satellite radio. Additionally, the MKZ enhanced by its eighteen inch wheels, adaptive LED headlights, LED tail lights, six airbags, SOS post crash alert, tire pressure monitoring, a rearview camera, and a very efficient anti-theft system.

To close, the MKZ also has fully automatic delay-off headlights, variably intermittent speed sensitive wipers, a rear window defrost, front and rear reading lights, a tachometer, a compass, an outside temperature display, low tire pressure warning, trip computer, parking sensors, and a reliable block heater making it one of the safest luxury sedans available.

My luxurious, white, MKZ awaits me at the West Island Ford dealership showroom, where I fell in love at first sight with it there is however, just one small, teeny, tiny, problem that I must overcome in order for us to be united. This problem is probably not much of a problem with some generous crowd funding enabled heck, at $53,050 plus taxes or about $65,000 we could be married!

Montreal en Lumiere Festival

This week, while doing some business downtown, I discovered that the “Montreal en Lumiere” Winter Festival was on in fact it was nearing its end this weekend. Lucky for me, I had my trusty digital and quickly went about capturing as much as I could of the site and goings on which are now in my short video.

Although the day was sunny, it was bitterly cold affecting both my fingers and camera capabilities. Several times I had to warm both myself and the camera nearby at the Place Desjardins Complexe(those brown towers pictured) because it started to act up, and I also changed by batteries ensuring more picture-taking.

Unfortunately everything was happening after five PM and I could not get any pictures because I had to leave the site well before that. My video is a combination showing the site and other appropriate
images reflecting the Winter season we are still in. Music is a shortened version of something I found at called “Frosty Morning” by Tom Joad, hope you like it!

Beezness Scents

Every bee knows it takes beezness scents to find the right flowers for nectar and pollen. Everyday bees fly around collecting nectar and pollen from flowers. They then deliver honey to their hive after eating the pollen as food for themselves and processing the nectar into honey. Bees are very industrious in providing for and building their nest or hive going out each day of their short lives to take care of their collective and their queen.

According to Wikipedia, there are about 20,000 known species in seven to nine recognized families. They are found all over the globe with exception of Antarctica. You may wonder why not there perhaps, it’s because bees still haven’t been issued their thermal underwear, which is on back order. These little guys have been so busy doing beezness they never have time for fitting out with their cold weather kit.

I took this video a couple of Summers ago and just recently decided to edit it adding suited music which was found at the archive .org website. The tune is an old one by Jabbo Smiths Rhythm Aces called Jazz Battle, hope you like it.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Rule of Thirds

Rule of thirds is a guideline applying to all images dividing them into nine parts.

Rule of thirds is a guideline  applied to  images  ensuring an off-center subject .  

ready 4 takeoff hands holding itIn response to The Daily Post’s weekly photo challenge: “Rule of Thirds.”

Rule of thirds, a guideline, applied to all images including designs, films, paintings, and photographs. The image imagined divided into nine equal parts by four lines, two horizontal and two vertical. This guideline ensures the subject placed off-center and prevents a horizon appearing to divide the image in half.

My three images, each distinct, adhere to the principles of this guideline in their own way. Each draws your attention to the object of interest. The first, is the horse-drawn caleche surrounded by centuries old Quebec city. The second, is the wasp ready to take off in a similar fashion to an American warplane leaving an aircraft carrier. The last image, our attention centers on what the two hands are holding, a part of a hydraulic control system.

Chinese New Year

Chinese New Year is a very important festival.

Chinese New Year, is a very important festival in Chinese lore.

Chinese New Year is a very important festival in Chinese lore, according to legend, started with a mythical beast called the Nian. Nian would come on the first day of the New Year and cause havoc
eventually a hero coached by a god neutralized Nian. Prior to this, the Chinese folk would use firecrackers red colors to ward off this beast.

New Year celebrations traditionally start on Chinese New Year’s Eve, the last day of the calendar month and continue to the Lantern Festival on the 15th day of the first month. The festival was a time to honor deities and ancestors today, this tradition is passé however,the festival remains the longest in the Chinese calendar.

During this time many Chinese continue to gather for their annual family reunion dinner during the evening preceding Chinese New Year’s Day. In preparation homes are cleaned, prepped, and decorated with red paper on which popular themes like “good fortune”, “happiness”, “wealth”, and “longevity” are written designed to counter bad luck allowing for good fortune.

My image of a goat donning a gas mask signifies the heavy industrial pollution existing in China. This is the year of the goat, and news reports this week, allege that the Chinese government is finally moving to curb the pollution.

Eye On Goal

Eye On Goal

around net

faceoff action

quick goalie

playing the puck

zooming on goal
Last week I viewed young players each with their eye on the goal playing junior hockey in our municipal arena. Although there were few spectators, those that were there enjoyed some fast action between the two teams as they battled it out. When I arrived the game was in the second period and one team led 2 to 1, as you can see in my photos the game was robust. The team in the white jerseys appeared the more aggressive and their offense really put on a show as they managed to retain the puck more than their opponents. There were a lot of end to end races towards the goal however the ‘Boston Bruins’ jerseyed team managed to stem the tide pretty well.

I seldom take in these games and therefore, don’t do much sports photography however, I managed to take these pictures of the event with my new digital camera which I am still learning to use hope you like them.

Saint Valentine’s Day

Saint Valentine's Day means commerce profits from candy, greeting cards, flowers etc.

Saint Valentine’s Day means giving candy, red greeting cards, bouquets of flowers.

Saint Valentine’s Day is all about giving candy, red greeting cards, bouquets of flowers, and saying “Happy Saint Valentine’s Day!” That is what commerce makes it, after all, it’s all about profits made. Most of us don’t have a clue what Saint Valentine is really all about because he compares with Santa Claus and gifts in our collective psyche. Programmed we rush around and shopping for Valentine gifts. The truth is much more different, more significant.

Roman Emperor Claudius II, known as Claudius Gothicus, ordered Saint Valentine, a Roman Catholic priest, beaten to death with clubs and stones then beheaded. Everyone loved Valentine, all who he met and befriended including Claudius II however, when ordered to deny Christ he didn’t ending condemned. While imprisoned Valentine helped perform a miracle restoring eyesight to his judge-jailer’s blind daughter. Prior to his execution he wrote a note to her signed “from your Valentine” delivered to her when he died.

What Saint Valentine means to those who believe in Christ, is our life is not all sweetness and joy, sometimes a time happens when we may have to make the ultimate sacrifice for our belief, our faith. Fortunately, with the power of the Holy Spirit, as Jesus Christ proved over 2000 years ago, we can do it, stare death in the face willingly.

Friday 13th

Friday 13th considered unlucky.

Friday 13th, considered unlucky by some believing bad things occur on 13th of month if Friday.

Friday 13th considered unlucky by some who believe bad things occur on 13th day of the month if a Friday. This superstition has evolved from many sources however, the most predominant is Jesus Christ’s “last supper” where thirteen people were present one betraying Christ leading to His crucifixion and death on Good Friday.

The number considered “unnatural” while number twelve is natural as in twelve months of a year, twelve hours in a day, and Christ had twelve apostles.

Hollywood has benefitted from this superstition turning out many horror films related to this day. Evil portrayed as happening during unnatural times, places, or situations particularly during the thirteenth day on a Friday.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Symmetry

symmetry symmetry nature

Symmetry is perceived equality in form.

Symmetry is a quality derived from balanced proportions, equal number, shape, size, and members’ position relative to a perceived plane dividing them.

Symmetry is a quality derived from balanced proportions, equal number, shape, size, and members’ position relative to a perceived dividing line or median plane.

I have found these three examples to depict what symmetry may look like whether created by man or mother nature. Each is different yet they all abide by the definition in their own special way.

Scale of Entertainment

The scale of entertainment for my municipality was just perfect for July 1, 2014, Canada Day, and everyone had a wonderful time.

The entertainers depicted in my video were a brother and sister act supported by their professional band. The whole troupe performed twice, once during the day and later as the finishing act for the 2014 Canada celebrations just before the fireworks. During the interim of several hours, we had a number of acts I forget how many, and these groups of performers also put up a very lively time for everybody.

The show was already in progress playing when I arrived at the site around 3PM. The woman, who resided in Chicago, joined her brother, the group’s lead singer, for their act. Her lovely voice transformed their show into a real class act much appreciated by a very motivated and excited audience.

Their music composed of a combination of popular pop, rock and roll, and hip hop songs, had lot of energy. Group members were pure electricity and in particular, the drummer, who was just a blur at times playing his drums. The night ended with a barrage of bursting
rockets lighting up the dark sky continuously with all sorts of vivid colors and grayish-white vapor streams from the descending spent explosives. This lasted for about 45 minutes and elicited great delight from all watchers.

My short video composed mostly of pictures I took that day complimented by a trimmed version song called “Summer of Love” by artist Cascanda. I found this song at the Archive.Org website and think that it meshes well with my visuals, hope you enjoy the show!


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