Downtown Early Bird

An early bird  travelling East downtown approaching a cluster of famous Montreal landmarks.

I was an early bird last Sunday travelling East downtown approaching famous Montreal

In response to The Daily Post’s weekly photo challenge: “Early Bird.”

I was an early bird last Sunday travelling east along the wide boulevard downtown approaching a cluster of famous Montreal landmarks. Waiting for the green light at the intersection of Peel street and Rene Levesque boulevard I took out my camera and captured this view.

The time was about six thirtyish and a beautiful day was just beginning. The sun’s intense rays bathed the south side of the Sunlife building in front, on the left, and also Place Ville Marie hovering over in front of it. Mary Queen of the World Cathedral and the Queen Elizabeth Hotel (with the Canadian flag) still remained in the shadows far removed from the glistening bright white cloud formation just East of them. The sun also bathed and warmed the trees of Dorchester Square in front of the Sunlife building some glistening off the windshield of an STM autobus approaching our intersection heading South.

As you can see up ahead, heading East, a lot of the tall buildings as well as some of the smaller ones also enjoyed the sun’s early morning rays that warmed the roadway medians melting the remains of our long, harsh, Winter.

Phantasmal Red Insurrectionists

Deceit convinces the young to become phantasmal red insurrectionists.

Deceit convinces the young to become phantasmal red insurrectionists bent on turning world into Marxist utopia

Good old deceit convinces the young to become phantasmal red insurrectionists bent on changing the world into their imagined socialist, Marxist utopia.

Ideological programming they receive through the school systems they attend warps their perception of the capitalist system they live in. Young people have vulnerable minds that certain educators reconfigure by continued ideological conditioning. An example of a similar type of ‘brainwashing‘ going on today is the steady stream of Islamic Jihad recruits for ISIS leaving Western countries for Syria that we hear about.

The Marxists argue that the capitalist education system being rigged and used effectively to help the ruling class to prove their power over the working class. They claim it conceals the true source of that power and disguises the exploitation of the poor worker. They say that the major role of capitalist education system entails ensured reproduction of a cheap, docile, hard-working, obedient, and subservient workforce too unorganized and afraid to challenge authority.

It began slowly immediately after WW2 after that other socialist ideology, Nazism, being destroyed and the world was in the process of getting its house in order. Children of the war displaced, the immigrants, and also the native population of the Western countries accepting them were the primary targets.

The West’s school systems were already infiltrated by Marxists controlled by Moscow, that knew these children are the future and influenced easy. The ideology was nothing new to West because the Marxists were already preaching their ‘gospel’ long before the war to the working class, the abused, overworked, underpaid working class of the capitalist system. These same ‘apostles’ also infiltrated the ‘word’ into other levels of society such as labor unions, education, government agencies, Hollywood, political parties, and even the highest levels of the state.

On April 14, 2015, US president Obama announced his lifting the US sanctions against Cuba including removing it from the famed ‘terror country list‘ however, under the US Constitution only Congress has the power to allow it. Republican Senator Marco Rubio, a 2016 Cuban-American presidential candidate, condemned the decision, saying Cuba remains a state sponsor of terrorism. He explained that the Castro regime continues to harbor fugitives of American justice and helping rogue states like North Korea evade United Nations’ weapons sanctions.

“The revolution says: I was, I am, I will be again!” – RAF(Red Army Faction). This line was the last communiqué issued by the terrorist organization heavily dismantled by German and Interpol police. This terror organization is dormant for now however, a smoldering ember remains despite the demise of the Soviet Union because Vladimir Putin’s regime, its successor, exists predicating a new cold war.

The German RAF(Red Army Faction) saw themselves fighting the West German capitalist establishment whom they considered successors of Third Reich. The Italian BR(Red Brigades) terrorist acts were to “guide the working class” against Italy’s capitalist system considered successor to Mussolini’s Fascist regime cooperating with US interests. Fidel Castro’s 26th of July “Movement”, the granddaddy communist activist entity, fought to oust the corruption and tyranny of a one time former communist morphed into ruthless dictator, Fulgencio Batista, who profited through his links to organized crime (Mafia) and big American companies.

Small Graffiti Intifada

Small graffiti 'intifada' depicts an Arab woman in black and white shawl.

The small graffiti ‘intifada’ depicts an Arab woman in black and white shawl.

small graffiti intifada
The small graffiti ‘intifada’ depicts an Arab woman wearing a black and white shawl similar to the one the late Yassir Arafat wore when he came to New York and addressed everyone at the UN. It was that familiar black and white weave pattern made famous by Yassir and his PLO which Palestinian activists continue to use today.

I spotted this unique ‘arteesta’ art painted on the concrete base of an electrical utility pole snuggled up to a garage’s outer wall in an alleyway. This utility setup was a combination of a wooden pole set into the ground with a half circle concrete base for two steel pipes anchored into the pole’s side with steel straps. The tiny graffiti was on that concrete base and would normally remain unnoticed because a viewer’ attention would be taken by a large amount of very colorful graffiti on the garage’s outer wall.

Although the large graffiti was colorful and somewhat interesting, I didn’t find it appealing to me enough to use for a blog post although I did photograph it and it was then that I spotted that miniature graffiti.

Monday 13 Cat

Feared Monday 13 cat is back.

Feared Monday 13 cat is back after six years.

Feared, popular, Monday 13 cat is back together after six years. Today is April 13, 2015, the 103rd day of the year with only 262 days remaining according to our Gregorian calendar. The last time Monday 13 happened was back in 2009, an Easter Monday in our Gregorian calendar today it is in the Julian calendar, interesting or is it hmm? (Twilight Zone music here)

My two previous blogs discussed the origins of some people’s fear of Friday 13, and also the fear black cats like this one depicted in our picture manifest. Perhaps, the phenomenon can be related to Edgar Allen Poe’s “The Black Cat”, or later, to a sensation created back in 1934 when Hollywood’s Universal Pictures released “The Black Cat” horror film starred by two famous classical actors of the genre, Bela Lugosi and Boris Karloff.

Humans have all sorts of fears related to the unknown, unexplained, beyond their own control, and fear of cats can bring on undue anxiety, sweating, rapid heart beat enough to almost paralyze some. This abnormal fear of the felines called “ailurophobia,” derived from the Greek for cat “ailouros”and fear “phobos”, can be treated with a bit of psychological therapy given by a certified psychologist or psychiatrist.

Are you one of the ‘afraid’?

Fear not folks because our cat (in the picture) is not the ‘evil’ black cat instead, a sweet, gentle, ginger colored tabby photoshopped however, if you are still frightened, then perhaps some psychological therapy may help.



Drone Afloat

drone afloat


A drone afloat depends on a powerful battery and no air turbulence.

In response to The Daily Post’s weekly photo challengedrone afloat3 Keeping a drone afloat depends on the craft’s battery and no air turbulence.

/>to challenge: “Afloat.”

Keeping a drone afloat depends on a powerful battery and little or no air turbulence, such as heavy windgusts in the sky.

The picture above is one I took at the SME sponsored Montreal Manufacturing Technology Show a couple years ago of a small drone created by a company called Solaxis from Bromont, Quebec, Canada. They do 3D printing, scanning, and design of just about everything related in the manufacture of composite projects. The craft’s electronics including its motors are by EIS a large multi-product USA outfit in Atlanta, Georgia.

My next two pictures are of a homemade drone I saw in action and met its creator one late Summer Sunday up in the Eastern Townships. While attending a birthday party I saw the tiny aircraft buzzing around doing complicated maneuvers over a field adjacent to some woods. Once, as I watched, it flew out of sight over some tall trees populating a steep down hill. My first thoughts were that it was lost now however, a few moments later it reappeared zooming back towards its controller-creator.

Later this drone continued flying until suddenly while hovering above the field perhaps thirty yards away it dropped like a rock and crashed behind some tall grasses.

As the last picture shows damage was extensive and it was a write-off. My conversation with the owner revealed that it was afloat for thirty-eight minutes before all power was lost because the battery was dead.

Main Old Facade

 This Montreal 'Main' old facade is from grey stone era.

This Montreal ‘Main’ old facade is from an era when grey stones structures ruled.

This Montreal ‘Main’ old facade is from an era when this downtown area had by many similar grey stone structures.

This particular building still houses the National Theatre School of Canada and located on Saint Lawrence boulevard nicknamed the “Main”. The nickname was given it because it was and still is a very heavily used famous main street in Montreal.

The “Main” along with rue Saint Catherine were the two principal shopping areas although later rue Saint-Denis and rue Saint Hubert also contributed to the local commerce scene. The later two streets located in the Montreal East end was where the majority Francophone population would do their shopping.

My grey stone is one of the last few remaining old timers in this area because this part of town is rapidly being transmogrified into modern high-tech office space and cultural centers. I took this picture in February when I also made photographs for my Montreal en Lumiere blog post.

Quebec Space Cadets

Quebec space cadets graffiti in backyard tunnel exiting onto street.

This Quebec ‘space cadets’ graffiti is in backyard tunnel exiting onto street.

This Quebec ‘space cadets’ graffiti is on a wall of a backyard tunnel that exits onto a street.

While exploring rue du Havre, one street over and running parallel with rue Frontenac, I found a small elongated park on its East side and a series of older homes of various type construction, some that have been upgraded-renovated, on the other side of this street.

I was half way up the street going North and approaching rue Hochelaga, when I happened on this small tunnel with the graffiti. After looking it over and finding it quite interesting, I photographed it for this blog post.

For those that have not been to Montreal, Frontenac is a street that runs North-South while Hochelaga runs East-West both are important, heavily used, main streets in the East end.

Austerity Capitalism Weave

'Austerity capitalism weave' joins collection of Montreal 'arteesta' works.

‘Austerity capitalism weave’ joins collection of Montreal ‘arteesta’ works adoring walls.

New graffiti, the ‘austerity capitalism weave’, joins my collection of ‘arteesta’ works adoring walls in Montreal.

Actually folks this is something I created using some real ideological graffiti spotted in the east end of the city. I took the
liberty transmogrifying this ‘art’ that somebody aerosol can stenciled on the formerly nice clean brick, mortar, and cement
wall. The original picture looked a bit too ordinary and boring so I fiddled with my photo editing and got this nice weave image.

The last several years have been tumultuous in Montreal which has experienced scores of demonstrations on the streets, most ideologically driven. Some have turned into riots and the city has had much property damage done. Although there always was some graffiti, it only reached its peak within the last two perhaps three decades most likely imported from the USA where it has plagued cities a lot longer. This particular wall work is related to the Quebec government’s hated austerity program now in swing.

Easter Chocolate Graffiti

Easter chocolate special graffiti near Frontenac subway station.

Wall showing Easter chocolate special graffiti near Frontenac subway station.

This wall showing an Easter chocolate special graffiti caught my eyes the moment I exited Montreal’s Frontenac metro (subway) station.

I had taken the public transit system to get to this neighborhood in the east end of Montreal to attend Good Friday services at a local church. The moment I exited through the swing door of the metro one of the first things I noticed was a giant white bunny with a bushy tail, pink nose, and big floppy ears. This particular ‘bunny’ wore an “Eat at Joe’s Restaurant” type of billboard announcing a chocolate two for one price sale at a local chocolate store nearby.

Although I tried to get a picture of this guy, I failed because other people got in the way. My picture showed two people obscuring my bunny during split-seconds that the digital camera takes to process the image.

I continued up Frontenac street and soon came across this wall with the graffiti and also the shop that employed the ‘Easter bunny’. I momentarily peeked into the open door of the shop and I saw a small line of customers buying that chocolate obviously having that bunny was profitable.

Jazz Guitar Duo Blur

Camera malfunction resulted in blur of jazz guitar duo.

Jazz guitar duo are a blur because of a malfunction with digital camera.

In response to The Daily Post’s weekly photo challenge: “Blur.”

This jazz guitar duo are a blur because of a malfunction with my digital camera.

These two guys were part of a French speaking band playing a sort of New Orleans type music that was very popular with a large crowd of people. I had a couple of images that ended up blurred that night due to a similar circumstance however, overall my pictures were great.


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