Weekly Photo Challenge: Gone But Not Forgotten

"Gone but not forgotten" immediately brought back memories about Boink.

“Gone but not forgotten” immediately brought back memories about my past canine friends in particular, Boink.

This challenge about what is “gone but not forgotten” immediately brought back memories about my canine friends in particular, the last two. Both these lads were wonderful companions whom I enjoyed having around and who gave me much joy and some mild grief because of their antics. Reminiscing, I would like to talk about my most recent late canine friend, the Boink, as our family called him. We got him from our local SPCA, where my late mother and I went shortly after our loss of our other friend Boris to cancer. This little fella had left a big void in our lives leaving us saddened in not having him around anymore.

I remember that visit to SPCA and seeing all those poor, unfortunate, animals waiting for someone, anyone, who would adopt and save them from being euthanized. Shortly after arriving we talked to a member of the staff, who took us on a small tour to see the animals there.

It was during that time we first saw the Boink, unaware we would name him Boink. He was a restless little fellow constantly whimpering, probably one of the most vocal of all the animals that we saw, a marketing genius in getting attention. When we first saw him we didn’t really pay much attention to him because frankly, we still didn’t know what sort of dog we were going to get. During the tour we heard a lot of barking, moaning, and whimpering from most of the inmates although there were a few that remained quiet.

There were small dogs, big ones, and medium size ones most restless, some pacing their limited spaces. We saw Huskies, Great Danes, German Shepherds, French Poodles, Cocker Spaniels, Dachshunds, Terriers and a few other well-known breeds, and there were also a few “Heinz 57″ or mixed breed animals. Nearby, were the various felines begging for our attention scratching their cages, meowing away heck, at one point we almost decided to pick a cute little black and white cat. Fortunately, reason kicked in and straightened us out that we were there to find a dog.

Working our way back to the canine section, we again heard that familiar whimpering and it was at this point that my mother indicated to me that she wanted the Boink. Returning to the SPCA office, I told a staffer that we had decided on that little brown colored fella with the short legs, long nose, floppy ears, and those mournful eyes, who was whimpering so much. Our staffer told us that he was a Dachshund, his name was Tournesol, and he was about one and half years old. She also told us that to adopt him, it required that he be fixed and vaccinated, something that would be added to the cost of adoption. I said OK agreeing to come back in a few days later to pick up my new buddy. Thinking back I’m glad I did. We had our little friend for over seventeen years before we had to put him to sleep because of his severe health problems.

I took this picture of the Boink when we were out in the country shortly after we got him. Travelling was something he really enjoyed, always anticipating tripping to our country place in the Eastern Townships. He seemed to know when it was the weekend and patiently waited near my bedroom door listening if I was up. Yes, I miss that little fellow even though it is over a decade that I last saw him alive.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Twinkle

Twinkle seen at corner of Crescent Street.

Crescent Street all twinkle during Montreal Jazz Fest 2014.

Twinkle defined as causing a shine with fluctuating light or to shine with a flickering or sparkling light, I believe this picture I took last Summer during Montreal’s Jazz Festival fits that description like a glove.

I was returning home walking West towards the Atwater subway station and had just passed Crescent Street when I snapped this image of the excitement and celebrations going on at some of the local “water holes” or bars that line this famous street. That bar on the corner sporting a British flag seems a very lively place because it is full of patrons, most probably tourists, in for the Fest.

Reflecting, fluctuating light, appears to be everywhere including that twinkle on road surfaces.

Monster Storm Easy Fix

Monster storm no easy fix say National Weather Service.

Government authorities and weather experts say there is no easy fix to monster storm.

Government authorities and weather experts say there is no easy fix to it cautioning Northeast residents not to lulled by appearances and relatively smooth Monday morning commute. Meteorologists working for the National Weather Service forecast that the nor’easter will bring a mix of powerful winds, heavy snow, and sleet turning into freezing rain which promises to hamper road travel. The mixture will ensure slick road surfaces and reduced visibility which will add more grief for drivers. There will also be tornadoes spawned in some southern areas as well as widespread coastal flooding starting Monday and through Tuesday.

As the snowstorm rolls forth into the region these high winds coupled with the dangerous icy conditions have caused airlines to cancel thousands of flights into and out of the East coast airports. If you intend to do any air travel it is wise to call ahead to know how the storm is affecting your flight.

The National Weather Service has confirmed that nearly half of the continental US is affected by this monster storm meaning as many as 60 million people. Further, the weather bureau predicts snowfall accumulations in the order of 45 to 60 cm in New York City, 61 to 91 cm in Boston, Massachusetts, Philadelphia will get between 25 to 36 cm while in other major urban centers affected accumulation will vary between 45 to 91 cm or 3 feet.

Folks, this promises to be a real fun ride for awhile and you do have to be careful when venturing out driving or on foot. Keep warm and
bundle up, have plenty of essentials on hand, and make sure you have good communications in case of emergency.

Tomorrow or the day after that, this will be just another weather nightmare survived and all was right in the world!

Rock Solid Personality

Rock solid personality adhers to Parliament.

Ottawa’s rock solid personalities adhere to Parliament.

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Leftovers Sandwich.”

When I last visited Canada’s Parliament buildings, I discovered this “rock solid personality” in fact, I discovered many more adhering to them. This sculpted minature head adorned one of the many corners projecting from the main structure of Parliament and few people even realize they there I know because I never noticed them before.

Although I don’t frequent Ottawa or Parliament I don’t recall ever paying much attention to the minute details that adorn the main building on the Hill this time I did. It appears to be a man’s head with a beard and mustache sporting some sort of visored hat and presently I have no idea whom it represents.

This post, the “leftovers sandwich”, allows me to again share some of the treasure that is Canada’s Parliament and also Ottawa our capitol a really great place to visit anytime.

Serendipity Perched

Express Yourself

Serendipity is squirrel perched on power pole.

Serendipity is a grey squirrel perched on power pole.

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Express Yourself.”

My backyard allows serendipity to happen, this little guy perched up a power pole, is part of the local entertainment troop during the warm months of Summer. Most other days, there are a total of three squirrels doing high wire trapeze acts on the power lines running along the far end of my backyard.
Having my trusty digital helped when this “fortunate happenstance” occurred that sunny afternoon in August. Serendipity defined or means a “fortunate happenstance” or “pleasant surprise”, I believe my picture qualifies.

Regarding “expressing self”, I seldom suffer from a lack of ways, whether verbally or through a medium such as photography. Although my mind stalls momentarily at times, this happens when I am really tired or stressed because life does get in the way. I however, am very impressed with how quickly my brain gets into gear when the need arises. If a problem requires a solution, I take care of the matter “el quicko” moreover, the result is more than satisfactory.

Taking this picture that day solves today’s WordPress challenge because after all, luck happens when you recognize it.

Absolute Brain

Absolute Brain petting Dr. Evil's special cat.

Absolute Brain, Dr. Evil’s new clone petting that special cat.

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Brain Power.”

After the brain unlocking process, Absolute Brain, would prepare his plan for world conquest.

Careful analysis will be key to accomplishing this goal and every minute detail will be considered and recorded onto special encrypted devices for timely revision in the future. For any plan to succeed,  proper financing is a must therefore, all proper steps will be taken. Once financing is achieved, strategy involves procuring certain strategic materials that my analysis shows will be in great demand soon. Possession of these will help me control the global market. To thwart any percieved or real threat to my evil goal for world power, my well-paid mercenary army and extensive spy network will ensure my goals are achieved. My security entails use of the best equipment and services available that my money could buy. The rest of my strategy is classified..BUAHAHAHA!

By-the-way folks, please relax because my plan for world conquest is all fantasy, just my imagination running wild for fun. Something else that is fantasy or just pure bunk, is that we only use 10% of our brain power. According to experts that have studied it all, it is an “urban legend” created by certain well known and connected early 20th century professors who liked the 10% figure.

As we all know, the big lie when repeated enough times becomes the absolute gospel truth. In reality, we actually use most of our brain almost all the time during our lives moreover, our brain has limitations. We, well at least most of us, are not endowed with psychic powers, psychokenesis, or even extra-sensory abilities, these powers have not been proven yet by reputable authorities employing unavailable special testing.

A Moment In Time Captured

Tree trimmer in a moment in time.

Tree trimmer captured in a moment in time.

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “A Moment in Time.”

A moment in time captured because instinct provided the opportunity for it to happen.

The temperature was -27C last Friday and it was an intensely bright sunny afternoon with the sound of chainsaws was hanging in the bitter cold air. I had taken a well deserved break from the documentation project I was working on by taking a walk outside with my digital camera.

After about ten minutes walking I saw it, that large truck with a trailer mounting a wood chipper so I knew that they must be nearby. Suddenly, my eyes caught a movement and looking up towards the nearby tree skyline I saw two tree trimmers working.

Both men wore orange safety helmuts and were dressed in warm, bright orange overalls with neon yellow stripes forming an x on their backs. They were up on trees attached with their safety harnesses, and then I spotted the one I wanted to film. I zoomed in on him while he was busy working with his chainsaw with one hand while his other hand was firmly holding two power wires.

“Look ma..one hand!”, he seemed to be saying. It truly amazes me that doing what he was doing he was not electrocuted then again, what do I know about electric power lines and doing one-hand tree trimming!

Showtime MtlJazz 2014

Lead guitar in Showtime MtlJazz 2014

Lead guitar in Showtime MtlJazz 2014 act plays tune.

Popular Photo Challenge”Converge” showed the empty stage, Showtime MtlJazz 2014(Montreal Jazz Fest 2014) presents the entertainment that went on that day.

International jazz fans converged to listen to that wonderful New Jersey band meanwhile, three other stages had acts happening. My short picture video gives you an idea of the excitement and the crowds attending the Fest.

Although the music in my video is not from the show it does provide the atmosphere, I thank Internet Archive (archive.org) for the creative commons music.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Something New 2015

My dream something new 2015, is Ford Mustang convertible.

Something new 2015, my dream to own Ford Mustang convertible.

My something new this year, 2015, my dream is to own this car, a white color, Ford Mustang convertible with a nice V6 Ford fuel injection 3.7 litre engine churning out 300 horsepower and a 6-Speed SelectShift® Automatic transmission.

It provides a descent 28 miles/gal highway mileage and 17 city which is important today despite our temporary period of low gasoline prices which probably will not last very long. This Mustang has a nice set of mag tires with a wagontrain type spoke pattern, and a greyish-tan color interior. This will be a great car when the weather turns nice this coming Summer to do travelling to the cottage and I’m really looking forward to that.

I was passing this Ford dealer late last Fall when this beauty caught my eye and I snapped this shot which I edited for my blog. Now there is just this tiny, little matter of finding that $35,000 and my dream becomes reality and we all know that if we really, really wish and work hard at it dreams do come true..right?

Weekly Photo Challenge: Serenity

 I found  serenity  visiting the Mary Queen of the World Cathedral.

Early last Summer, 2014, I found serenity while visiting the Mary Queen of the World Cathedral.

Early last Summer, 2014, I found serenity while visiting the Mary Queen of the World Cathedral strategically situated on Rene Levesque boulevard near two other famous Montreal landmarks, the Queen Elizabeth Hotel on its East and the Sun Life building on the North side.

As many know, places of worship normally provide a sanctuary, a quiet place to pray, reflect, and venerate and this cathedral qualified perfectly. The Mary Queen of the World Cathedral was built a mirror image of Saint Peter’s Cathedral and is a huge structure just like the one in Rome.

I walked in through a set of massive doors, proceeded up the main aisle, and took a vacant pew and knelt down on the provided kneeling board. I then peacefully and silently prayed to God reflecting on my life. After I had finished, I decided to explore the church and while in the process, discovered this very tranquille, serene, nook with a large statue of Saint Joseph. He was carrying the Christ child on his shoulder something any Earth father would probably do with their child.


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