Jump Train

“Jump train” yelled Montreal Jazz Festival’s West Trainz troupe during their act to hundreds of fans enjoying their music.

The Fest was in full swing Monday with lots of great music of all types emanating from all over the site however, the West Trainz troupe were not tied down to a single place. True to their name they were a train of small wagons driven all over playing their wonderful unique music as my short video presents.

Other groups of musicians although tied to their respective stages big or small, gave fans a wonderful time providing music from all over the globe.

We had a small jazz troupe from France providing a haunting sound, a threesome doing a pseudo Jimmy Hendrixaque rock, another large troupe a very soothing jazz bit, still another with piano doing classical jazz, and a bunch from Halifax doing pseudo Klezmer mélange jazz. These groups but skinned the surface of what was going on at the site.

There were even buskers walking about juggling balls and red hats, twirling around in large loops, others walking around on stilts, and some dressed as weird animals.

This movie is possible with a little help from archive.org for my intro music I thank them and the talented musicians creators for it.

Amused by Jazz

In response to The Daily Post’s weekly photo challenge: “Muse.”


Amused by jazz music I had to visit to get a taste of the 2015 Montreal Jazz Fest that attracts over 3000 musicians from 30 countries.

Friday 26, 2015, the second day of this annual music festival was a gorgeous day and I wanted to experience what was happening, I’m glad I did.

The jazz fest attracts a lot of talent from a lot of places each year attracting about 2 million people including more than 150,000 tourists that generate $100 million revenue providing more than 2000 jobs in Montreal. These are some of the figures I happened upon while checking out the list of venues on the CBC news site.

As my simple video shows Montreal has all sorts of talented people during these times, some imported professionals like popular Jack Condon and his Beirut Band or local pros like the Barr Brothers, and the assortment of local buskers along Saint Catherine street.

Saint Jean Baptiste

 Saint Jean Baptiste Day in Quebec is called La Fête Nationale now.

Saint Jean Baptiste Day in Quebec today is more a secular, pagan outing called La Fête Nationale.

Tomorrow is Saint Jean Baptiste Day in Quebec or La Fête Nationale (National Holiday) because it is more a secular, pagan outing. It is an orgy of boozing, dancing, revelling in excess ending with a big fireworks display paid for by our taxes.

My post is not to condemn what French Quebecers have reverted this holy day into but to talk about its origins. How it was once dedicated to Saint John the Baptist.

Quebec at one time, made him their patron saint to be venerated and honored with religious dignity and respect however, that was before the 1970’s and the so-called “quiet revolution”.

It was fomented by Quebec’s monied elites, atheists, and communists bent on thwarting the power of the Catholic church that had kept Quebec culture, traditions, and the French language alive since the Battle on the Plains of Abraham near Quebec city.

John was the son of Jewish high priest Zachary and his wife Elizabeth and they were an old couple who despite their best efforts could not have children. They were very religious, pious, and God-fearing couple very adavanced in age when John was born to them.

God sent an angel to Zachary informing him that their fondest wish would happen, Elizabeth would bear a son. Told to name the child John and that he would be uniquely accorded the Spirit (Holy Ghost) and have deceased prophet Elias’s power.

He would be Jesus Christ’s precursor converting many Israelites through his preaching and exemplary life of abstinence from wine or
strong drink. True the word, John wore clothing made from camel’s hair and his daily diet consisted of locusts and wild honey.

Later after John was arrested, imprisoned, and murdered on King Herod’s orders to fulfill the desires of an adulteress who used her daughter to find favor from an intoxicated, lively Herod. He foolishly kept a promise to her because she pleased him with her fancy dancing during a Roman type party. Fearing loss of face amongst his guests for not carrying out his promise he allowed this horrific, gruesome murder to happen.

Christ would later comment about his cousin’s death and His own mission to save humanity by mentioning this with these words to His sceptics and naysayers most of whom were His sworn enemies, the Pharisees and Sadducees. These guys were the elites in Jewish society who loved being the ‘beautiful people’ that everybody was to adore and talk about. They wanted the “little people” ie regular, average people to be jealous of them regarding how religious they appeared to be.

“But what went you out to see? A prophet? Yea, I say to you, and more than a prophet. This is he of whom it is written: Behold, I send my angel before thy face, who shall prepare thy way before thee. For I say to you: Amongst those that are born of women, there is not a greater prophet than John the Baptist” (Luke 7:24-28).

And continuing, Jesus pointed out the inconsistency of the world in its opinions both of himself and his precursor: “John the Baptist came neither eating bread nor drinking wine; and you say: He hath a devil. The Son of man is coming eating and drinking: and you say: Behold a man that is a glutton and a drinker of wine, a friend of publicans and sinners. And wisdom is justified by all her children” (Luke 7:33-35)

The picture is of a bronze plaque depicting Saint John the Baptist taken from internet.org and is in the public domain.

2015 WI Blues Fest

The 2015 WI Blues Fest is now Quebec history and a great success for the hardworking organizers and the talented performers who graced the outdoor stage.

Yesterday, June 20, 2015 was a real Blues blast and many Montreal West Island residents had a wonderful time listening to some great blues music performed by three bands. It all started in the early afternoon and continued up par 11 PM finishing off with a tribute to the late great BB King.

I took my photos and a smidgen of video at random times through the glorious afternoon, and it was a super day for this festival because it was sunny yet not muggy humid instead we had a nice cool breeze blowing regularly.

Then again, if anyone had any problem with extra hydration there was plenty of beer and pop at hand offered by the mobile and temporary fast food canteens which also doubled as suppliers of you guessed it, fast food. As customary since the event started Caribbean “Islands” type yummies sold at reasonable prices and there was also the usual North American dogs, burgers, and fries.

Roy G. Biv Day

A 'Roy G. Biv' colorful day happening on Ottawa's Parliament Hill in tourist season.

‘Roy G. Biv’ day happening on Ottawa’s Parliament Hill during colorful summer tourist season.

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Roy G. Biv.”

A ‘Roy G. Biv’ colorful day happening on Parliament Hill during Ottawa’s main tourist season, spring and summer.

It was an overcast May day (not that May Day with all the military might or militant activists marching) last year while checking out Canada’s Parliament grounds I came upon this group of tourists hanging around the (Eternal Flame) Centennial Flame.

It features the bronze shields representing each of our ten provinces and the territories. The structure made of pink granite with a bronze island in the middle with the gas port for the flame surrounded by a fountain (recycling water trapped or enclosed by the granite) reservoir. The top of the granite fountain structure sports engraved dates stating when various provinces joined Confederation. These dates bookended by two decorative roundels each, this repeated all around the fountain.

A large group of tourists flocked together listening to an Ottawa tourist guide pointing out a building, the Langvin Block, just outside the Parliament Hill grounds on the other side of Wellington Street.

A young couple were sitting on the edge of the Eternal Flame’s structure meanwhile, a young family of four sat opposite them out in front listening and talking to dad.

Another group similar to the first, stationed themselves more closer to the grounds perimeter fence to listen to another guide providing them answers about what they were viewing.

Looking at this image we can easily pick out those seven colors of the rainbow required by that this week’s photo challenge because both the people and Parliament Hill offer them all. You can also pick out variants to these base colors sprinkled all over the image.

Thinking Love

Thinking love is not easy when all three worth equal attention.

Thinking love is not easy or possible when all three are equally worth his attention.

Thinking love is not always easy or possible however, all the signs are there for the Thinker as he stares across the street to see the objects of his love.

The Montreal Museum of Fine Arts presently has an exhibition called ‘Metamorphoses’ featuring the works of famous French sculptor-artist François-Auguste-René Rodin. His ‘Thinker’ is depicted on huge banner pasted on the large glass window pane over the front entrance of the new museum building across the street from the original.

The ‘Thinker’ image appears to be looking directly across the Sherbrooke street at three big metal sculptures, three hearts, he seems to be thinking which of the three is his true love. This is not an easy decision because they all seem equally worth his attention and favoring one would be unfair to the other two.

I took this picture last week while checking out the excitement on Crescent street during the Grand Prix weekend because I recognized that the image presented an interesting story.

Staircase to Heaven

 Staircase to Heaven found at The Chateau Apartments downtown Montreal.

Staircase to Heaven found located in downtown Montreal at The Chateau Apartments.

Staircase to Heaven found located at The Chateau Apartments on Sherbrooke street in downtown Montréal.

Is it any wonder that they would be located here heck, it’s just across the street from the Ritz Carleton Hotel where distinguished guests in town stay. It is also near the Montreal Museum of Fine Arts as well as the privately owned Dominion Art Gallery and several other lesser known galleries.

Just a full block away down south there are a multitude of stores on Saint Catherine street offering a myriad of goods and services ensuring all visitors are well taken care of.

Our Staircase to Heaven is real not some illusionary cum imaginary place as in the “Stairway to Heaven” conjured up by the popular Led Zeppelin Band for their weed smoking audience high on THC fumes euphoric from the dragged out rhythmic ebb and flow strumming of the band’s string instruments.

Doré Montréal Prosperity Road

Doré Montréal Prosperity Road began when very popular former mayor Jean Drapeau retired.

Doré Montréal Prosperity Road began with MCM (Montréal Citizen’s Movement) landslide election win.

The Doré Montréal Prosperity Road began with the MCM (Montreal Citizen’s Movement) 1986 landslide election win with Mr.Jean Doré as party leader. Famous and very popular mayor Jean Drapeau retired after being mayor of Montreal a long time this event helped Jean Doré and his party immensely.

Although much nice things are now said about late mayor Jean Doré deservedly for the good he and MCM accomplished when in power however, despite Google and controlled media sanitizing history, he was dumped in 1994. Jean Doré and his administration messed up big running Montréal to the ground and the population voted him out for that in 1994.

In 1998 Jean Doré counting on that people’s memory about the recent past was foggy tried again for mayor saying that he had learned from his ‘mistakes’ and that was the past. Apparently, voters were not convinced enough to give him another chance because he finished dead last from amongst several candidates for the job.

Although I may not remember much about those earlier times I do remember why people didn’t give him another chance. Montréal has never recovered from the decline suffered while under his rule you don’t have to look hard for the signs of it today. The horrific state of many Montréal roads and streets littered with potholes resembling a war zone or perhaps that 37 percent of our potable, treated water is lost due to leaky old pipes because our infrastructure was neglected so much back then haunts us today.

According to at least one former party member because of rampant corruption during those times for example certain special para-municipal corporations allowed to operate outside City Council engaged in risky land speculation which eventually forced the City to absorb huge losses (one-quarter billion dollars) that taxpayers had to pay.

Although tradition forces us to be easy and generous when remembering a known deceased politician we must not gloss over reality of their deeds and how they impact us today. Mr. Jean Doré just like Mr. Jacques Parizeau, former Quebec PM, earlier both have now gone to their just reward however, some appropriate wisdom must be mentioned here:

“So do not be afraid of them, for there is nothing concealed that will not be disclosed, or hidden that will not be made known.” – Matthew 10:26

ANTONY (Shakespeare’s ‘Julius Caesar’)
“Friends, Romans, countrymen, lend me your ears.
I come to bury Caesar, not to praise him.
The evil that men do lives after them;
The good is oft interred with their bones.
So let it be with Caesar.”

Off-Season View

Off-season view of  beautiful Lake Memphremagog from high hilltop.

Off-season view of Lake Memphremagog appearing calm almost like a giant multi-shades blue mirror.

In response to The Daily Post’s weekly photo challenge: “Off-Season.”

This off-season view of Lake Memphremagog shows its beauty from a high hilltop overlooking it a couple of years ago when I took this photograph.

A gorgeous late summer beginning of autumn day and certain trees already sported their baked reddish or brown look some leaves were already littering the ground meanwhile, the evergreens kept their colors. The days were now shorter and long dark shadows crowded the edges of fields and the lake’s shore where the disappearing sun’s bright warm rays failed to penetrate.

The lake surface appears calm almost like a giant multi-shades blue mirror with scarcely few ripples on it. Missing are sights and sounds of summer activity of powerboats making mini-tsounami waves while pulling water-skiers behind them crisscrossing the surface of this that popular lake. This day, the lake is very calm, much too calm, for the many sailboats that dot it when a decent wind is blowing over its surface in summer. This is the calm before the coming late fall, dreaded winter snowstorms and the deep freeze soon to come.

Walking The Dawg

Walking the "dawg"ensures strong cardiovascular system and cognitive responses.

Walking the “dawg” because it ensures your cardiovascular system and cognitive responses stay strong.

Walking the “dawg” in summer sunshine is wonderful because it is a great pastime as well as a physical and psychological benefit to both you and your dog. Dogs must be walked at least once each day to stay healthy and a side benefit to helping them you also help yourself to stay healthy. Walking around in winter is a little more tricky however, even it is good for both participants.

Getting out and walking each day ensures your cardiovascular system as well as your cognitive responses remain strong and this can also apply to your pooch plus both of you will have fun. Owning a dog is a responsibility also not only in regarding his need for exercise through your daily walk but also about your environment and city bylaws regarding rights of your fellow citizens. Your dog does what he would normally do what nature coerces him to do, your responsibility is to take care of the result. You must also ensure control of your animal and that it be within calling distance or on a leash otherwise that nice walk could be costly financially.

These two women dog walkers show responsibility walking their leashed dogs in Centenial Park in Dollard-des-Ormeaux. I took this picture a couple of years ago in late summer because I found the scene interesting.


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