Batman Sings Country

Batman sings country song for Robin.

Batman sings popular country song playing guitar for Robin.

Tone deaf Batman sings some country, a popular song, and plays his guitar for Robin while the dynamic duo prepare for their daily workout before going out on their nightly anti-crime patrol in Gotham City, today also known by many as New York City.

Although Bruce Wayne is excellent in his role as the famed crime crusader stopping old arch criminals like the Joker, Riddler, Mr. Freeze, Penguin, Kane, or Two-Face, today’s batch of Wall Street criminals are much more ruthless and evil. It takes a multi-talented hero to ferret out these criminals fortunately, Wayne is an American billionaire, a one percenter himself, and with Dick Grayson, his master acrobat sidekick, they are the superhero crime fighters needed. Despite his success in running a business and crime-fighting, singing is not his forte. Then again, perhaps lip-synching coupled with some of his money could make him a ‘star’ heck, as everybody knows it’s all about marketing and connections.

Despite Wayne’s exceptional hearing he is tone-deaf something that he only found out about later when he took up playing a guitar for his friends Grayson and butler, Alfred Pennyworth. It was Pennyworth that broke the bad news to Wayne after enduring several hours of persistent, agonizing, off-tone ‘singing’ from Wayne during a workout at their mancave..ooops, their bat cave gym.

Actually, folks the guy in my picture wearing that Batman tee-shirt is a performer who participated at one of our past annual municipal musical events, and he was pretty good!

Roof Mob


The roof mob arrived early and the distinct sounds of their arrival soon echoed arround the neighborhood, first the heavy
machinery then the incessant scrapping followed by that loud bap..bap..bap..bap,bap reverberating off the wooden deck of the

At first, I just couldn’t make out what that scrapping sound was, muted by my closed window, and then I heard that mechanical machinery noise with its peculiar hum coupled with metal rubbing on metal it was then that it dawned on me that this was not rain pattering on my roof.

After getting up, washing, and dressing I went out to investigate the source of all that industrial noise, as usual when I am
interested about strange goings on I took my trusty digital along. After exiting the house I carefully listened for the source of
the sounds and getting a bearing I headed in that direction. It didn’t take long for me to spot them, a bunch of men busy working on a
roof and their lifting machinery hoisting packets of roofing shingles onto the roof. Some of the bunch were already in the process of
stripping the old shingles and tar paper dumping them to the ground below. Meanwhile, the others continued the process of hoisting the new material onto the roof  yelling instructions and advice to each other about what to do.

While watching all this I proceeded to take my photographs for this post however, as you can see some tree limbs and their leaves did
get in the way militating in their focusing. Another reason contributing to my difficulty was the weather, it began to
rain which soon halted the work on that roof however, they were back the next day and soon so was I to take a few more stills.

Broken Old Water Mains

Broken old water mains, pipes reaching their life cycle end are the watery bane of large North American cities cropping up in the midst of cruel hard winters.

There are many reasons for the breaks however, the most common is temperature change coupled with pipe age. Pipes reaching their life cycle end are especially vulnerable to air or water temperature changes which can cause them to contract or expand and break after the surrounding soil conditions have already caused their material to corrode or breakdown over their decades underground.

During last winter a 126 year old main burst on Peel Street in downtown Montreal and that was not the only break the city had, the same type of situation also plagued sister city Toronto. Not left out of the fame or outdone, New York City has had its share however from a high of 632 in 2003 they averaged less than six breaks per 100 miles of pipe in their network of nearly 7,000 miles of water mains, well below the accepted industry average of roughly 23-25 breaks per 100 miles annually according to the New York Daily News.

Normally, when the city receives a call from a citizen or if it’s maintenance department happens to spot a leak, they send a crew to decide the place and severity of the break. Fortunately, last year it was I that saw the leak, called the city to get things rolling. The crew quickly located the nearby control valves, reduced the water flow, then brought in the special equipment and heavy machinery to repair the breach over night. My video which has my photos of two water main breaks in my town including the one I reported also has some footage of a major water main break in the USA and that wonderful cat helping out.

Closing nearby valves associated to the water mains controls water flow through them. Depending on the type of leak, this will either reduce the flow of water or shut it off completely. When they find the repair site, they close the valve then use special equipment to find the precise place of the leak. Afterwards, maintenance crews sent to the site begin the repairs. Prior to any excavation, the crews must have total control of the affected area ensuring competent repair work without damaging other utilities, themselves or the public.

Race to Bottom

Race to bottom on autoroute 13 into ravenous maw of death, its tunnel.

Race to bottom is down autoroute 13 into the ravenous maw of death, its tunnel, swallowed up.


The race to bottom is 24/7/365 down autoroute 13 into the ravenous maw of death, its tunnel, and swallowed up.

Everyday drivers speed along autoroute 13 going north to link up with autoroute 640 in Chomedy-Laval into what looks like in my picture, a ravenous maw, its tunnel.

As everybody knows the number thirteen associates with bad luck and autoroute 13 built in 1975 as a toll highway to connect two international aeroports, Mirabel and Dorval, has had its share. Perhaps, the death of Mirabel as an international airport in favor of a reconfigured, expanded, Trudeau International, the renamed Dorval International Aeroport, may be deemed the first victims.

The original plan was for autoroute 13 be widened and extended to the then brand new Mirabel International Aeroport however, they just ran out other people’s(taxpayer’s) money.

Today, the autoroute is a six-lane freeway without any tolls and tragic accidents are common like such as these two: On December 03, 2010 during the early morning at 7:17 AM a man pulled his car off onto the narrow shoulder because it was stalling got killed by a speeding cube van. In the other, a more recent accident on March 24, 2014, a man lost control of his car smashing it into a large cement pillar killing himself in the process. There are plenty more horrific accidents that have happened since autoroute 13 opened however, my research could not extract that data from either Google or Internet Explorer perhaps, the number thirteen has something to do with that hmm?

My Photoshopped image is the autoroute 13 tunnel in flames and black smoke actually, like molten lava, with the lone SUV barreling along doing well over 120 Km, destination at the end ..well you know! (“highway to hell” music appropriate here)

Electrifying High Wire Act

Finally a squirrel got fried contacting live electrical conductor.

The daily electrifying high wire act was in progress when it finally happened .

The daily electrifying high wire act was in progress when it finally happened so quickly, so abruptly, and without any warning.

Everyday, except in the deep freeze of winter, when I look out onto my backyard I witness a high wire act by our local troupe of grey squirrels. More often, it is a single squirrel that deftly runs along the overhead electrical power lines, stops, and then jumps off onto one of the tree branches nearby. Other times, a real troupe of three squirrels chase each other along the powerline followed by a bit of fighting. They then continue by jumping from tree branch to another tree branch chasing one another ending with some loud chattering these guys are famous for.

Yesterday however, it finally happened as one of the squirrels contacted some live electrical conductor and got fried hmm..nope that never happened, although it may eventually. Based on a story a friend once told me, one of his squirrels did get zapped although this little fellow contacted an electrical transformer, a much more dangerous thing compared to the simple heavily insulated electrical power lines my squirrels run along each day.

My photo is the result of a bit of Photoshopping to get the desired image for this post I hope you like it!

Lilac Moment

Lilac moment signaled summer weather.

My Lilac moment happened last Wednesday those
beautiful flowers made my day.

My lilac moment happened last Wednesday then again, it may have been Tuesday, when I looked out my bedroom window. I had expected the large pink-purple cones for some time now however, cold weather seemed to never let up. Seeing those beautiful flowers just made my day because I knew that signaled summer weather is on its way hallelujah!

Lilacs which appear in early Summer are very popular bushes-trees and their attractive sweet-smelling blooms of colorful flowers although not native to North America have established themselves very well. The Lilacs bloom for a very short time giving out a fragrance some say is a lot stronger than roses and this smell carries further also. They come in a variety of colors although pinkish-purple seems are the main one. Bush-tree size also varies from four feet to thirty apparently, there are over a thousand varieties available globally.

Enveloped Sky

Enveloped sky surrounded by skyscrapers.

Enveloped sky surrounded by skyscrapers on all sides.

In response to The Daily Post’s weekly photo challenge: “Enveloped.”

The enveloped sky is apparent in this view, surrounded by skyscrapers on all sides, an unfinished one, seeming almost to scrape a passing bright white cloud overhead.

Travelling West along Rene Levesque boulevard I was briefly stopped behind a number of cars ahead of me waiting for the light to turn green so I decided to take this interesting picture of my surrounding landscape of skyscrapers.

Lake Saint Louis Whitecaps

Lake Saint Louis whitecaps common when wind is blowing.

Lake Saint Louis whitecaps are the result of a blustery overcast day in April 2015.

These Lake Saint Louis whitecaps are the result of a blustery overcast day during the last week in April 2015. I was visiting someone in Dorval and stopped my car near Lakeshore Road to take a number of pictures of this lake, this is one of them.

This lake is actually a large bay for the mighty Saint Lawrence River given its name in 1611 by French explorer Samuel de Champlain because of a tragedy that happened close-by when one of his men called Louys drowned there.

While taking a shortcut back from a scouting-hunting expedition accompanied by two aboriginal Americans, Louys probably lost his life along with one of his companions on what today called the Lachine Rapids. Before modern times when much development and alteration of the landscape happened, the Lachine Rapids that adjoin and are a part of the lake were a very treacherous place to navigate by canoe as Louys and the natives with him experienced, two of them died there.

The lake itself is a dangerous place under adverse weather conditions and whitecaps are common when enough wind is blowing.

When I took this picture it was in color however, as an experiment it is now black and white to add a bit of mood and seriousness.

Flower For Mom

Flower for mom is a Peony.

This flower for mom called Paeonia officinalis ‘Rubra Plena’ it is a Peony.

This flower for mom called Paeonia officinalis ‘Rubra Plena’ , a Peony in the genus Paeonia. My late mother favored this variety and had them in her garden.

According to Wikipedia, it is a perennial native to Asia, Southern Europe, and Western North America. Research has shown that these plants besides being very attractive are also beneficial to humans because of their genetic makeup. They contain flavonoids, tannins, stilbenoids, triterpenoids, steroids, paeonols, and phenols. Combined these compounds give antioxidant, anti-tumor, anti-pathogenic, immune system, cardiovascular system, and central nervous system protection.

It’s amazing what we can find about plants and flowers that we share our world with yet don’t have a clue about them other than that we find them attractive to look at and that they may give off a wonderful aroma.

Tiny Forces Of Nature

Tiny forces of nature like these little purple-yellow flowers are everywhere.

Tiny forces of nature are everywhere if we care to look for them.

In response to The Daily Post’s weekly photo challenge: “Forces of Nature.”

Tiny forces of nature are everywhere we look, like this teeny flower is emerging from a crack in mortar. That crack is another example of mother nature’s force showing its power using water and the Winter cold to separate or break man-made mortar.

The little clump of purple-yellow flowers are the result of propagation of plant seeds that float through air currents dropping down helter-skelter sometimes finding fertile ground like what appears the case here.


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