Today was a good day in Ottawa

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Today Was a Good Day.”


Today was a good day in Ottawa, a wonderful day to visit Parliament and the Canadian Aeronautical and Canada War museums.

Saturday, August 22, 2015, was just a perfect warm, sunny, day with a sprinkling of cumulus clouds to cut the sun’s glare when “we loaded up the truck and moved to..” well, you know where we ended up.

After travelling about two hours we reached our destination, the Canadian Aeronautical Museum just outside Ottawa. This place has a fantastic collection of aircraft dating back when aviation just began.

There were early prop Wright Brothers type aircraft to modern high-speed, high altitude, military and civilian jet aircraft and components like engines, and even an original Canada Arm that travelled in the US space shuttle Columbia into space to the International Space Station.

Our next destination was the new Canada War Museum where we saw tons of military hardware, images, arms, and artifacts dating back to when Canada or more accurately New France and later New England were founded and colonized. Visitors could also hear and see the sounds of important events of yesteryear while visiting and observing the displays.

After spending about five hours at the museums we headed to the Hill to revisit Parliament and adjacent buildings and monuments populating the Parliament Block area. My little video shows some of the new statues recently installed, those of the famous ladies who fought for women’s rights. A spot of tea was just the thing to sit down and relax after all that fighting to be allowed to vote eh!

Out Of His Shell

Now out of his shell cicada Ralph moment in sun was gone.

Out of his shell cicada Ralph finally got his permanent rest after much partying.

Just out of his shell cicada Ralph, let’s call him that, finally got his permanent rest heck, it’s not easy being a cicada these days with all that competition.

It took a whole seventeen years for Ralph’s moment in the sun and it all was gone in a just a few short weeks. Life however,  was wonderful and included much singing, flirting with the girls, and then the exciting sex in the tree tops wow!

Life as a cicada is mostly underground and for a long seventeen years sucking on plant sap in the dark. When they emerge from the ground they have a real chirping rock concert hitting 90 decibels in concert with billions of their fellow performers.

Their ultimate goal is to get lucky, to find a female that is in tune with their own music.  If they’re lucky she clicks her wings and the romance goes into overdrive. Both lovers croak..ooops, expire soon after the female lays her eggs.

Billions of their fellows do the same and because of their massive invasion numbers, the species survival remains assured even if they lose a few million or even billion to miscellaneous adventure or predators. They will be back again in another seventeen long years to repeat this ritual.

Our friend Ralph is just an empty shell now compared to what he used to be just a few weeks ago. He’s still hanging around, stuck to the treated wood fence member, until a gust of wind and some rain help sweep his remains away returning once again to the warm embrace of Mother Earth.



Construction Beneath Your Feet

Construction beneath your feet on Montreal project.

Construction beneath your feet is happening at multiple project sites in downtown Montreal.

In response to The Daily Post’s weekly photo challenge: “Beneath Your Feet.”

Construction beneath your feet is happening at multiple project sites in downtown Montreal like the one depicted in this picture.

My recent walk along Rene Levesque boulevard allowed me to see the progress of at least four large downtown projects each one at different stages of the work. Two of the projects are just about complete while the other two, this one being one of them are at the preliminary stage. It is however, far ahead of the deep hole in the ground the other is.

Explosif Issue

Explosif issue is whether metal container empty because terrorists got contents.

The explosif issue is whether the metal container emptied by terrorists for contents.

The explosif issue is whether the metal container was emptied by terrorists for contents or by project site workmen.

Everyday we hear of some sort of terrorist event that happens somewhere on the globe and because Quebec had its moment when bombs were going off almost daily we worry seeing this image.

During the early 1960s and into 1970s at least 70 bomb explosions happened because a group called the FLQ, Front de libération du Québec used bombs as their terrorist method in their attempted insurrection against Canada. Bent on succession or separation of the province of Quebec from Canada they believed terror was their fool-proof way for attaining their goal.

One of the methods these terrorists got their explosives was to raid construction and mining sites and steal any explosives stored at
these locations. These same explosives would later be used to bomb targets that included Canadian Forces armories, a Canadian Army Recruiting Centre, the Montreal Stock Exchange, RCMP headquarters, Department of National Revenue, 11 different mailboxes in the city of Westmount , and even a shoe manufacturer’s office.

This wave of terror’s end began in October 1970 during the ‘October Crisis‘ with the kidnapping of the British Trade Commissioner, James Richard Cross, and the kidnapping and murder of Minister of Labour and Vice-Premier of Quebec, Pierre Laporte.

Shortly after this happened the Pierre Eliott Trudeau Canadian Liberal government dusted off the old War Measures Act resulting in mobilization and entry of the Canadian military into major Quebec cities (Montreal and Quebec) and the nation’s capitol, Ottawa, to secure various strategic landmarks.

Meanwhile in Quebec, mass arrests of hundreds of suspected “Felquistes”, members and sympathizers of the group were happening many in the dead of the night. Most of those detained were totally innocent and everybody denied their civil rights including the right to have a lawyer. Only a handful were ever charged with anything however, all detained released later without any reason given them.

It all ended in 1971 with swift police arrests of about two dozen FLQ terrorists however, in July 1980 police finally arrested the remaining sixth member of the Cross kidnapping group. This perp, Nigel Barry Hamer, a British radical socialist and FLQ sympathizer, belonged to that terrorist cell called ‘Liberation’.

Canadian Homeless

Canadian homeless situation began with 1980s cuts to affordable housing and welfare.

Canadian homeless situation today stems directly from serious 1980s cuts to affordable housing and welfare.

The Canadian homeless situation today stems directly from serious 1980s federal government cuts to affordable housing and welfare.

Certain financial and social relations experts-pundits suggest that it may be time that focus be shifted from present crisis management, things like emergency shelter beds and soup kitchens to more “permanent solutions” for this growing problem.

It costs the Canadian economy over $7 billion per year in 2013 spent $7.05 billion(Gaetz et al.) — includes costs of running shelters, providing social services, health care and corrections. (Source: The State of Homelessness in Canada). Our Government of Canada invests $119 million annually on homelessness through the Homelessness Partnering Strategy that does not including what all provinces and municipalities themselves give to this growing crisis. Despite all this huge amount of money there is no noticeable reduction in homelessness numbers.

A rough estimate is that over 235,000 different Canadians are homelessness each year, over 35,000 on any given night. Our homeless demographic break down study shows that single adult men between the ages of 25 and 55 are almost half this population (47.5 per cent) whereas young people between the ages of 16 and 24 account for 20 per cent. Aboriginal people are over-represented in almost every major city in Canada.

This modern rise of mass homelessness attributed directly to a serious withdrawal of Federal government’s investment in affordable housing and cuts to welfare beginning in the very early 1980s.This is about a decade after the famous 1974 deal, when the Basel Committee of the Bank for International Settlements (BIS) sold the Trudeau Liberal government on their “monetary and financial stability ” plan. To meet their proposed nirvana they advised our leader, Pierre Elliott Trudeau, and government that our own central bank, the Bank of Canada, must stop printing our own interest-free money.

They suggested instead that we start borrowing from private creditors because everybody knows wink, wink, nod, nod that “markets know best” and must be without regulation, and that public services be privatized.

What they failed to reveal, and they all knew amongst themselves, was private banks create the money they lend just as public banks do. The main difference between private and Bank of Canada being that a privately owned bank siphons the interest into its capital account to be re-invested at further interest, progressively drawing money out of the productive economy while our bank returns the interest to the government and the community.

Meanwhile this was going on, our Canadian dollar in 1974, hovered at par with the American greenback and in April it topped them with a value of USD$1.0443, the highest our dollar rose ever for Bank of Canada issued money. Everything was soon to change because after all the markets know best.

Since 1935 Canada successfully and prudently printed its own money, this ceased to exist in 1974 because the Trudeau Liberal regime ceded Canadian government power to the international banking cartel. Trudeau gave up something that was not his, there was no public consultation or referendum they did everything secretly, in return for his media darling celebrity lifestyle.

Until that 1974 our national debt was a mere 18 billion today we are dealing with a staggering 614 Billion. Canadians lost their hard-earned wealth that took years to accumulate meanwhile, this deal allowed massive, obscene profits for the banksters giving them power to control our lives.

Facts are that an estimated 70% of our 614 Billion dollar federal debt is from compounding interest, Canada’s debt service charges are overwhelming and take from vital government services including our precious social net.

The immediate effects are already visible in steadily declining wages, insufficient jobs both steady and part-time, reduced benefit levels including pensions and social assistance, and a shrinking supply of affordable housing ensures more homeless Canadians.

Today, Canada seems to be experiencing a ‘phase transition’ shown by the wild ride our dollar is having. Most likely, an interest rates rise is being formulated by the international banking cartel to squeeze even more “monetary and financial stability” out of us after all, it is for our own good right!


Career Politician


A career politician is somebody interested in political power promising citizens anything to win it then continuing the façade to keep that power.

Once they have their membership in government secured they continue providing a façade designed to convince their electorate that they are doing everything to keep their promises although not all of them just the ones that they judge will allow them to keep their comfy position.

Real career politicians have no moral scruples and they swing the way of popular sentiment without having any firm position
on anything just empty promises designed to make them look good.

Presently, in Canada a federal election is looming for next October and all five registered parties have their leaders working hard to
either get elected or keep their seats in Parliament. Televised leaders’ debates have started and last night we saw the first between our PM Stephen Harper representing the Conservatives, Thomas Mulcair representing the NDP, the official opposition, Justin Trudeau representing the Liberals, and Elizabeth May representing the Greens.

My tiny video composed of a series of photos is about what the Conservative party claims NDP leader Mulcair to be. This video would not be possible without appropriate sound (music) from www.

Hiroshima Pyre

The Hiroshima pyre unleashed by "Little Boy" destroyed five square blocks incinerating thousands alive.

The Hiroshima pyre happened August 6, 1945 at precisely 8:15 a.m when “Little Boy” exploded unleashing nuclear energy equaling 15,000 tons of TNT.

The Hiroshima pyre happened on August 6, 1945 at precisely 8:15 a.m. when American B-29 bomber ‘Enola Gay’ released its lethal cargo, the nuclear bomb “Little Boy”. After falling about 48 seconds it exploded at 2000 feet over head unleashing raw nuclear energy equaling about 12-15,000 tons of TNT destroying five square miles of this city and incinerating thousands of its inhabitants alive.

Hiroshima, a militarily significant Japanese city of 350,000 became the first in human history to be nuked and it was not the last to suffer this fate. Today this same city has a population estimated at 1,160,000 give or take a few thousand yet immediately after the bombing the population dropped to a mere 140,000 survivors.

The city was rebuilt after the war when the Japanese national government passed the Hiroshima Peace Memorial City Construction Law in 1949 providing the financial help and extra land previously owned by the government for the reconstruction and development.

The July 16 Trinity Test in New Mexico had exceeded expectations and president Truman gave the OK for atom bombs to be used on Japan. This followed after many attempts to contact and convince the Japanese Imperial government to surrender unconditionally failed.

Some in the American government also entertained the idea of doing a demonstration explosion so that the Japanese could witness to convince them to surrender however, after much discussion they dropped the idea. Most finally agreed that doing this would lead to sacrificing the shock value an atomic bomb attack gave and so all agreed that Japan must be nuked for it to surrender.

The attack resulted in the direct deaths of an estimated 80,000 people instantly after which by the end of 1945, another 170,000 perished from the radiation and blast injuries they suffered.

Interesting, survivors include one man that experienced both Hiroshima and Nagasaki on August 9th living into his 90’s, and a woman who also lived a very long time after. Injured both managed to live long, normal lives because of their luck being protected by the concrete used in the structures they were in while others perished.

T-Bone Night

T-bone night the Chrysler mini-van lost control when broadsided.

T-bone night was wet and electrical power down when Chrysler min-van got broadsided.

T-bone night was wet and electrical power down when Chrysler min-van got broadsided and lost control.

The rain came down very intense, in sheets, when the dark metallic-green Chrysler mini-van lost it after being broadsided by a car travelling a high-speed across the cross-shaped intersection.

It had been a wicked storm that July night and much of the electrical power including the traffic lights were down, it was a classical, typical scenario for a car wreck because all the elements required were present.

The green mini-van driven by a young woman with two young children strapped down to the backseat was heading west across the large four-lane boulevard just a that critical moment her children temporarily distracted her and she failed to notice that the lights were out. The driver of the mid-sized sedan meanwhile, was speeding heading north along this boulevard and failed to take into account that power was off in this area because it was raining intensely at that moment.

The resultant, violent impact sent the mini-van into an uncontrolled spin scattering parts of it all over the roadway. The car having smashed into the mini-van also sustained extensive damage its front crumple zone absorbing much of the energy caved in morphing its size into that of a small car. It ended up on the sidewalk not far from the local police station and obviously caused the police to be on the scene in minutes.

The debris field from this side-impact collision was extensive and took some time to cleanup meanwhile, ambulances took all involved to the local hospital.

Although I happened on this scene some time after it happened I can imagine that there were significant injuries to everybody involved just by observation of all the debris that still remained on the scene because cleanup had already been started.

Xtraterrestrial Imposter


The xtraterrestrial imposter masqueraded as US president with ease because of thousands of years of visiting Earth studying humans.

The alien being likened his masquerade to a chameleon in his pursuit of both his personal safety, attaining material wealth, and attacking his prey if needed. He knew that if he is invisible, camouflaged, appearing human he could carry out his assignment easily. So far so good heck, being president of the USA, the most powerful country on this planet, has a lot of advantages and he was going to use them to the fullest.

He remembered the excitement he had in Earth time, year 2008, when the citizens of this society gave him, an extraterrestrial, his immense power over them. He recalled thinking to himself that it wasn’t necessary because after all, he already wielded considerable, awesome, advanced, technological power enough to exterminate all humans.

Yes, that was certainly a very interesting time fooling all these humans with his lies and the great oratory skills he picked up from some of the masters, humans from an earlier time that he knew personally hmmm..Cicero..then again, Frederick Douglas..yes, he comes closest hmmm!

Crane Operation

crane operation3

crane operation2

Crane operation is monster tower alongside the massive Bell Center.

The crane operation in progress is monster tower alongside the massive Bell Center.

The crane operation in progress is this monster tower alongside the massive Bell sports Center.

Crane operations blanket this part of downtown Montreal as massive structures are evolving emerging out of deep holes that suddenly appeared since last year. This one is interesting because it seems attached to the Bell Center, at least from where I was when I took my picture.

My visit on Saturday along Rene Levesque boulevard (formerly Dorchester) allowed me to see the progress done since my last visit along this stretch. What seems new is the progress on this monster tower going up besides the massive Bell sports Center.

As you can see there are twin cranes working on this large black colored structure which may be another hotel or pricey condominium complex. What you see is the structure’s middle section and there is another smaller, narrower, section that is just a skeleton, on top where these two cranes are. My topmost picture provides an overall side view showing what is missing in the other two pictures.

Just over on the left a another huge crane is helping to put up another tower that probably half done. Not shown in my picture on the left side, that is the north side, further up more construction is going on two more towers. These structures, more than likely, are office space along Rene Levesque boulevard.

As I continued my walk, I came upon two huge, several stories deep, holes dug in the ground just west of our black tower where work is progressing for another pair of large office towers. Yes, folks Montreal is evolving turning into another large city conquered by shiny glass and steel behemoths.


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