Bus Time

 Bus time is always long compared to using a subway available just about everywhere else in North America.

Bus time is always long when travelling into downtown Montreal compared to using a subway.

Bus time is always long when travelling into downtown Montreal compared to doing the same using the metro or subway system that is available just about everywhere else (in big cities) in north america.

Our Quebec government has wasted more money in the last 30 years on independence referendums, extravagant futuristic looking olympic stadiums designed by foreigner architects, corrupt mob controlled construction companies doing shoddy infrastructure work on our roads and crumbling overpasses, a corruption commission that failed to do anything except increase mass media owners profits etc., than actually helping its citizens and the economy by expanding and improving our subway transportation system.

Corruption seems to be norm and politicians remain busy criminally exploiting the system to help themselves and their underworld buddies to our tax money, they want to keep it that way.

Every other day Montreal’s mayor Denis Coderre and his city administration seem to find another scheme to usurp more tax money.  Mayor Denis, now a celebrity media sweetheart,  surfaces at regular intervals on popular mass media to announce his new scheme-de-jour  claiming  that it will help taxpayers and the city.

Likewise, the Quebec Cuilliard Liberal government imposes new austerity measures cutting much-needed critical social services, scrapping existing agreed upon public union labor agreements, and massively increasing the public tax burden meanwhile without any hesitation, hands out freebie billion dollars to big corporations like Bombardier owned by their rich buddies for little or nothing in return.

I took this picture recently when travelling on the bus during early morning traffic which was really heavy that particular morning, it is my contribution to this week’s WP photo challenge “TIME”.

Past Summers Recall


Past summers recall is about some of the Canada Day entertainment I saw in Montreal’s West Island, and just like the USA’s 4th of July everything ends with a bang or bangs of fireworks going off.

Although this video is short nevertheless, it is four and half minutes so enjoy the show while nature throws everything at you outside your warm comfy home.

Transmogrifying Dough

Transmogrifying dough into baked products like bread or even bagels is a wonderful experience, creating yummies such as cookies, cake and pies by just altering the leavening agent for the flour and adding things like fruit and or various garnishes is just fascinating.

All require careful combinations of their ingredients and the high heat given by the oven to make the miracle.

My little video shows some of the baked products that I have enjoyed making at one time or another.

Vibrant Pink Peony Et Al

A vibrant pink peony flower in a sea of multi-shades of green leaves.

This vibrant pink peony flower stands out nested in the dark green leaves surrounding it.

vibrant purple dainties

vibrant light purples
This vibrant pink peony flower stands out well nested in multi-shades of green leaves surrounding it.

In its full bloom towards the end of the summer these flowers or rather bunch of flowers bloom almost at once when there is plenty of sun and sufficient moisture provided by rainy days.

I really enjoy seeing the subtle shades of pink blooms when they happen and always take some pictures because they are so beautiful. During our long winter months these pictures brighten things up by reminding me of the summer that is quickly approaching..well, sort of!

Peonies are not the only vibrant flowers that give enjoyment to me, included are these two other types of flowers which unfortunately, I can’t name presently however, they did catch my attention for a picture. Both were summer residents of the Eastern Townships when I was visiting last summer.

These pictures are my contribution for this week’s WP photo challenge “VIBRANT”.

Optimistic in America

Optimistic in America is the good life TV promotes and Joe citizen hopes to have soon.

Optimistic in America is a fridge full of goodies the TV ads promote Joe citizen needs and believes will get soon.

Optimistic in America is when Joe citizen opens his fridge and finds the goodies the TV ads promote as the stuff needed for the good life he believes will come soon.

Reality is that despite lots of promises, hoopla, and new laws things remain pretty well the same or worse than 2008 for many. New elections are around the corner and many can expect very little to better their lot no matter who they decide will help them out of their misery brands or parties matter very little.

The true optimistic people are those that use their God-given abilities and a bit of luck to start some sort of enterprise to ween themselves off government help.

My cartoon is two-fold, provide some humor and make a statement of the circumstances that exist for many people living in America. This is my response to this week’s WP weekly photo challenge “OPTIMISTIC”.

3rd Cybercat-Martian War

The 3rd Cybercat-Martian War started innocently enough when Mooshie, grand pooba of the Cyberfeline Empire asked Orb, ruler of Mars for katnipium, a mineral substance plentiful on Mars and Orb refused to sell any.

When Mooshie’s peaceful Cybercat representatives failed again after trying to negotiate a deal and then were ruffed up by Orb’s imperial guard, Mooshie was very offended. It was however, when the Martians zapped the representatives with high-power lasers that war began immediately.

For thousands of years the Cyberfeline Empire remained peaceful with all its neighbors after the terrible two previous inter-galactic wars that reduced hundreds of worlds to cosmic dust. The carnage was so extensive that Star Wars pales in comparison however, Hollywood carefully suppressed all knowledge of it. Trying to describe it, well even I have a problem so you can imagine it yourself.

The first war was with the Zylon Empire, allies with the Martians, who obviously helped their buddies. That one ended when all warring parties finally realized that there would be nothing left to destroy if they all continued their war so after some hurried negotiating it all ended. Active destruction ceased however, the embers for further war smoldered underneath.

The second Cybercat-Martian War started when Martian pirates hijacked a Cybercat interspace cargo ship and stole the supply of Dr. Ballard’s Variety-Pak onboard destined for the Canine Emirates.

These Martians then destroyed the ship and killed the captured crew microwaving them in a storage container. This cruel act was quickly discovered by the Empire and Mooshie decided on retaliation knowing that only Mars was capable in doing this sort of heinous thing.

Soon after, Cybercat man-of-war cruisers attacked a fleet of Martian saucers heading back home from their Earth colony and afterwards bombed Martian cities with photon torpedoes and channeled EMP.

ABC 4 Me

The alphabet ABC 4 me is a word A-B-C-D created by carefully arranging a bunch of dead AAA size batteries and photographing each arrangement for this week’s WP photo challenge “ALPHABET”.

I liked the WP blog post picture of the graffiti covered wall and even thought of roaming downtown Montreal to find some appropriate stuff however, after carefully reading the text accompanying the post picture I decided to be creative.

I just happened to have on hand a collection of dead or nearly dead batteries so it didn’t take too long to come up with my idea. I then took the next step by using my video editor and some appropriate audio files to make my work.

Montreal Total Circus Escadrille


The Montreal Total Circus “escadrille” or “flying squad” (Montreal Completement Cirque) duo was just beginning their exciting trapeze act when I happened upon them that beautiful Thursday, July, 2015 afternoon.
I had come to enjoy the Montreal Jazz Festival that was going in downtown centering on the area known as ‘Quartier des spectacles’ adjacent to Place des Arts. This is an area bounded by Saint Lawrence boulevard on the east, de Maisonneuve boulevard on the north and Rene Levesque boulevard on the south, and Park avenue on the west side.

I was a gorgeous, warm, sunny with a bit of cloud, breezy day and while I waited for the next Jazz music act to happen this circus trapeze act right in the middle of it all caught my attention. I immediately put my tiny Panasonic digital video camera into action hoping to record it well.

While recording, I decided to try various new techniques to capture the two young acrobats, these you may notice when viewing the finished product. Since this circus act was done outdoors it reminds us how it was in the good old days when the famous circus troupes operated, my brief black and white intro attempts to morph yesteryear to the present time. Enjoy the show folks!

2015 Wrap

2015 Wrap


Our 2015 wrap or  memoriam, begins with WP weekly photo challenge  post “Sign“, which meshed with the winter season happening  outside.  The image depicted set the stage  for the meat grinder 2015 later turned out to be.

Before, January ended our readers enjoyed another favorite WP  weekly photo challenge post, “Angular“, doubling their appetite for even more.

Next came, “Refraction“, which really excited nature lovers with a great picture of mallard ducks paddling away and their images reflecting off still lake water during Fall 2014.

In February, our “Symmetry” post spiked great response and it was quickly followed by our “Scale” post, where our little hitchhiker  really awed by our readers.

The ‘ides of March’ brought  “Wall”  giving our graffiti lovers goosebumps and their praise in their excitement after seeing some of Montreal’s street art.  March also brought us “Fresh out of Egg” thrilling our nature lovers again.

Technology got its blogosphere raves in April with “Drone Afloat” showing what is possible when we want it bad enough.

Architecture and urban planning lovers enjoyed “Enveloped Sky” showing Montreal’s evolving downtown. May did not forget nature lovers with “Tiny Forces of Nature” featuring that tiny little flower emerging almost out of solid concrete.

June, brought us  back to Montreal in “Amused By Jazz“,  and it also reminded us about our beautiful world in “Off-Season View“, featuring Quebec’s Lake Memphremagog in the Eastern Townships.

July’s “Chained Door” informed readers of famed Montreal Children’s Hospital closing and moving to new better quarters. “Symbol of Totalitarianism”  followed and almost caused heart failures for some of our international readers checking it out for their states’ intelligence services.

August is always a great time to visit places and “Today Was A Good Day In Ottawa” showed a wonderful time doing just that in the nation’s capital. It was also a time to acknowledge a growing tragedy in our midst. “Canadian Homeless“,  explains how we can help change things if we really care to.

September excited many architecture lovers with “Propped Grid” and it also gave us all a chuckle with “Monochromatic Couple Beer“. We also reviewed some pertinent Canadian political history in “Just Watch Me 2“.

October, with Canadian 2015 federal elections looming, reminded readers some more recent history in “Wing And A Prayer“. Important Canadian history figured also in “Women Are Persons“, reminding us about how women’s rights happened.

November was  Montreal’s mayor, Denis Coderre’s ‘SewageGate’ environmental fiasco in “Proofed Liberal Environmental Climatology“.

Ornate Heritage” brought in December 2015 showing us again Ottawa’s fabulous Parliament Hill architectural gems. Our love for intelligence gathering  gave us “Eye Spy Cat” where Mooshie is our chief investigator. Investigations call for some munchies and “Rabotnik Muffins Treat” satisfied our hunger.

Montreal’s recent Jazz Fest reminded us of all the color, music, and  international tourists with “Tri-Couleur Gathering“.

We make it a wrap acknowledging our responsibility to care for each other and in particular our aged, sick, infirm, crippled, and those suffering natural disasters or wars. Our innocent victim  shows us the reality he faces everyday in “Mykolka’s Now“.


Juggled Weightless Objects

Four juggled weightless objects flew between two busy hands until gravity intervened.

Four juggled weightless objects, including the young performer’s red hat, all flying between her two trained busy hands.

juggled weightless objects 2

juggled weightless objects 3

juggled weightless objects 4

The juggled weightless objects numbered four when including her red hat and it depended on her trained, quick-moving hands to prevent gravity from kicking in and ending it all.

Meanwhile, the “weightless” objects flew arched trajectories between the two hands seeming immune to gravity, they quickly became normal weighed down by nature, falling from their orbit when the young woman in red stopped to take a well deserved break after a few minutes.

The scene was on de Maisonneuve boulevard during last summer’s Montreal Jazz Festival where a troupe of professional jugglers, people walking on stilts, clowns, and even a young woman riding her own giant “hoola-hoop” in the company with our juggler.

Montreal was awash with international visitors trying to take in as many of the free outdoor Jazz shows as possible and even some of the ones that required buying tickets for.

This was allegedly an all Jazz event however, as anyone who came down to enjoy the music found out that Jazz was not the only form of music available. And to sweeten things further there was some other free entertainment like this young juggler dressed in bright red doing her act.

This week our WP photo challenge asks us to share a photo of something marked by its weight of its weightlessness and I believe that objects flying around through the air, even for such a brief time, as these pictures show qualifies.


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